Nevertheless Episode 8 Release Date – What Happens Next In The Korean Drama Series?

Netflix is going to release episode 8 of Nevertheless on August 7 2022 at noon. Also, the viewers from Korea can gaze at the episode at 11 pm according to the Korean timings. There are 10 episodes in total in the first episode.

Moving on to Episode 8, here we have some spoiler alerts for you all in the eighth episode, we will catch a glimpse of the moment when Na-bi will excavate herself in a problematic situation where she attempts to endure the leave of Jae-eon. Also, Do-Hyeok has made himself assure that he has affection for her whereas Na-bi just wanted to wipe out him. Jae-eon will be scouted for a matter in America and shall be departing. Ahead of that, he might grab her to the museum where he might confess his secret feelings. Lastly, Na-bi might be feeling as if she is betraying Do-hyeok that led to her frantic affinity towards Jae-eon.

As we have glimpsed in the previous episodes we got to comprehend that the group leaves for an excursion where Na-bi anxiously helms sentiments for both Jae-eon and Do-took. We also noticed that he’s the one who makes her happy and takes care of her feelings, also he gives her the special feeling of happiness and pleasure.

Moreover, we see Jae-eon wanted to flee himself from the awkwardness around so he chooses to start a conversation with Na-bi. To bring up a random conversation, he started by telling her that Seol-a thinks she is beautiful. In return, Na-bi replies with compliments to Seol-a saying that even she thinks that Seol-a is good-looking as well. As the conversation goes on, Jae-eon finally tells her that he is not okay with both of them not talking and maintaining distance from each other, he tells her about his true feelings about the whole thing, being a good friend just need for him to bring the topic up.

Na-bi feels guilty about her behavior towards Seol-a as she finally realizes that she was being way too harsh on him but visibly we see that Jae-eon is not willing to let the conversation end so he gets down on his knees and admits that he wanted her to wish him on his birthday a few days back. We know how both the men are not ready to give and they keep on giving their best possible effort for things to work the drinking game is seen getting worsen and the relation between Na-bi, Jae-eon, and Do-hook gets more complicated and twisted.

Later at the beach, everyone pricks up Jae-eon and starts asking him about his crush. Bit-na turns up asking him if the girl he likes is from the same group or not but before he could open up answering the questions, the focus turns on Na-bi who accidentally cuts her hand and wanted to leave. While she says things, Jae-eon grabs her hand, checks her wound out, he starts telling her that he misses her, while she keeps reminding him that he has a girlfriend, he leans down to kiss her. Well, a hot romance cooking in there with some twists and turns of course. We know the hype of the season already and so the wait for the next episode is getting hard for the fans because the story is in a firing situation right now. So now let’s just stay tuned and watch out for what happens next.

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