Will There Be A Five Feet Apart 2? Release Date And Latest Development Updates 2022

Two people meet each other, they fall in love, but fate does not seem to have the best plans for them and they remain nothing but a beautiful memory in each other’s minds. This sounds like the plot of another emotional teen romance drama. A story that narrates this plot exceptionally, though, is the 2019 movie Five Feet Apart. Given that the book was well-received by the audience and the movie crossed over $98 million worldwide, fans have been expecting to see a sequel of Five Feet Apart. What do the makers have in store for the characters? Or will the sequel be about the main characters at all? Read on to get all your questions answered and to know if there will be a Five Feet Apart 2.

What is the plot of Five Feet Apart?

The story revolves around two cystic fibrosis patients Will (Cole Sprouse) and Stella (Haley Lu Richardson). Stella sticks to the boundaries and precautions she is advised to but Will, on the other hand, does not. Stella initially does not like Will because of this but the two eventually start to fall for each other. The only catch, they cannot come very close to each other because of their disease condition. They go on a date and stay five feet apart from each other all the time. After the best of her best friend Poe, Stella gets broken and decides that she does not want to live her life with restrictions if she is eventually going to die.

Watch this movie that brings you joy and breaks your heart at the same time. If there’s one thing we’re sure about, it is that you will be in for a real treat.

Will there be a Five Feet Apart 2?

There will be and there won’t be. Sounds confusing? Let me break it down. Five Feet Apart is based on a novel of the same name. Good news for the fans, the writers are bringing a follow-up book called All This Time. More good news, Lionsgate, the same company that brought Five Feet Apart to the big screen, has got the movie rights for the book.

But is All This Time about Will and Stella? The answer might bring you some disappointment. All This Time is a new story altogether. As reported by Deadline, it follows the story of former high-school quarterback Kyle whose perfect world comes crashing down after his girlfriend Kimberly passes away in a car crash. He gradually tries to move on and begins to fall for a mysterious and creative girl, Marley. But, Kyle realizes that his life with Marley might not be all that it seems after a series of strange events take place around him.

But hey, we know how amazing Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis are. We are sure that the new story won’t disappoint us.

When will it release?

The book is set to hit the stores on October 6. As for the movie, no release or production date has been set yet. Additional details are not available.

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