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Fetty Wap And Turquoise Miami’s Daughter Maxwell Passed Away, Cause Of Death Revealed

Fetty Wap Daughter passed away

The tragic news came ahead when everyone was shocked coming across this news which is that Fetty Wap daughter Maxwell passed away recently who was just four years old.

Turquoise Miami came forward with an Instagram post

Turquoise Miami who is her mother is a famously known personality and as a dancer alongside being a musician too came ahead with this tragic news which left the fans devastated and in shock. It was at first everyone was hoping that if it could turn out to be a rumor but actually it is not and thus they had to go through this terrible news. Turquoise on the other hand stated a beautiful caption in the memory of her daughter with stating RIP (Rest in Peace) at the end which directly referred that her daughter has passed away.

Fetty Wap

Many of the people are eager and curious to know what was the reason behind her death and wha could have happened to the girl but the reason is yet to come out as the family must have been in a hard position to actually state the reason right now but hopefully, they would come forward in light with the circumstances that they should have faced to let people know about this. Turquoise uploaded a video clip of Lauren Maxwell (her daughter) playing in the swimming pool and thought the clip consisted of the caption to what we mentioned above. The audience came in forward with their sympathies and there were a number of comments posted on the clip in order to sympathize and though they felt terrible.

Fetty Wap who is a famous American Rapper has also been in a tough position which is from that he has not been active in any of the platforms to come forward about her daughter and though fans are commenting on his last post on Instagram with all the sympathy comments. It was reported that Fetty Wap officially performed at the Rolling Loud Festival which took place last week where he went on to perform and sing a number of songs which was actually dedicated to her daughter and this got emotions all around the festival where everyone got emotional due to the death of rapper’s daughter and everyone was singing along him in order to support again or make a sign of it. The festival was attended by many and though the viewers also tuned in from the internet with his performance that took place.

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap position

The rapper is famously known throughout and that has hit a number of milestones from his songs that he released and thus the tragedy which happened recently followed the events which took place a time before leading to his brothers death. His brother was shot last October in New Jersey over a feud but the case stays unopened till now where he also posted about his brother alongside a caption stating RIP and some words that he kept for him. But as far as now he hasn’t posted anything about her daughter yet but we would soon come across some kind of a video of himself stating what happened with the reason too.

Fetty Wap