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Hong Kong Pop Singer, Activist Arrested On Corruption Charge – Here Is What Actually Happened

Hong Kong Pop Singer arrested

The news has been flashing around that the Hong Kong Pop Singer and activist was arrested on a corruption charge and though which has come in as breaking news as his indulgence in some of the rallies has been regarded as misbehavior conduct and it is why the authorities are charging him.

Anthony Wong is a famous personality known as a role of pop singer in Hong Kong and thus was arrested on Monday by the authorities in charge known as the watchdog of the city’s anti-corruption who looks forward into any kind of misbehavior conduct which is being represented by anyhow to disturb the city’s normal state. The authorities mentioned that the star was charged and arrested due to the misconduct he played and which was that he took on to singing on the streets with the rally which was considered as a sort of protest and thus ended up in a line of misbehavior. The authorities mentioned that this event took place around three years ago and now that they have been able to cover this up with the proof and though now knows that he went on to break the law as according to them. On the other hand, a number of arrests are made because of the people coming in and though speaking up for the greater democracy part that is supposed to be played in the Chinese Territory of semiautonomous.

Hong Kong Pop Singer

The Charges

The authorities of Hong Kong who are so-known as the Independent Commission who are up against any kind of protest came forward with the light of the event by stating that the indulgence of Anthony Wong played a vital role in this protest and though the songs which he played three years ago were two of them and clearly asking everyone to make a vote for a pro-democracy candidate and though the events moved forward and everyone made their move accordingly but also stood ahead when these songs were sung by him and thus it is clear to say that he did not force it upon them but clearly referring out to what is wrong and what is right for them if they go on for something in an adequate manner. Au Nok-him was the candidate who he referred into a song to vote for and which was by legislative and by-election.

Hong Kong Pop Singer

Hong Kong Pop Singer facing allegations

The authorities or the watchdog on the other hand also charged Au Nok as the person who won the election but though knew about the fact that Wong would be performing in front of the audience for this.

These activities came to light this Monday when he was arrested and though a number of audiences are making a stand for the celebrity by going through the internet and seeking support or by signing a petition to what he did was not in any kind was misbehavior. But on the other hand, there are people who are against this too and think that some proper charges should take place on him. This will be up to the authorities to see what shall take place in the time to come.

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