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The Plane: Mike Colter Joins The Cast Of The Upcoming Film Starring Gerard Butler- Updates And Latest News

Fans are eagerly waiting for the new thriller film titled The Plane. While the film was announced some years ago but due to COVID-19 production of the film has not begun yet. But looking at the present conditions and circumstances it is sure that the production of The Plane will take off soon in the upcoming days.

Every day new speculations and reveals are delivered to the people about The Plane. Earlier the film was in heat due to the copyright issue. Now as the issue was resolved nowadays list of the celebrities who have joined the cast of the film is coming out.

We have summed up the list and all the possible circumstances and the current scenarios about The Plane. If you are willing to know more about this much-awaited thriller drama you must stick with us. So fasten your seat belts and we will take you to the same height at which The Plane is flying currently.

Mike Colter Will Play The Role Of An Ex-Military Man

The latest news with the film is the addition of the name of Mike Colter in the cast of The Plane. He will play a lead role in the film. Mike will accompany Gerard Butler in this thriller film. While the story of The Plane seems to be interesting as much as its name.

Let us take you to the storyline of the film. The Plane depicts the story when a pilot manages to crash land his plane on an island. While the island is deserted from the surroundings. In the beginning, there were no signs of life but as the story will proceed a group of pirates will attack the crashed plane.

According to the sources, the pilot thus will act fastly and will try to protect the cargo and the passengers on board the plane from the attacking pirates. In this clumsy and entertaining film, Mike Colter will play the role of an ex-military man.

Earlier Conflicts Related With ‘The Plane’

Jean-François Richet, the director of the film made a statement after confirming the join of Mike as a cast member. When asked about the role of Mike in the film, Jean made only some hints. “Mike is an exciting addition to the film. Anyone familiar with his work knows he is a charismatic talent and a formidable force and we’re thrilled to have him board The Plane”. Jean added to the statement.

While the film has always gathered headlines since its announcement. Initially, it was announced that Lionsgate has bought the official rights of the movie. But there were certainly ups and downs after that too.

Last year, Lionsgate was pushed back from their responsibilities. And it was reported that Solstice Studios is going to make a deal. But it seems that the producers have not agreed with the Solstice agreement and thus The Lionsgate has again acquired the rights. This condition can be seen pretty much as a terrific drama from the starting too.

But now, all the matter has been sorted. And the director is all set to fly off and start the production of The Plane in the upcoming days.