Meghan Markle Celebrates 40th Birthday With Birthday Wishes From The Queen And Her Royal In-Laws

Meghan Markle and the royal in-laws

The big news came in about the Royal Family as Meghan Markle Birthday’s celebration are in order where she turned 40 yesterday and that we are here to provide you with the news of it.

Meghan’s birthday was on 4th August and thus the number of people not only from the English Country but all around the world has been flashing all the comments of praise to wish Meghan on her birthday but the big news which caught everyone’s eye was that the number of her royal in-law came forward on Twitter into wishing her birthday and other social media platforms.

Meghan Markle getting wished by the in-laws

It was the moment when the official Twitter account of Queen Elizabeth dropped the tweet of wishing her birthday in praise which was in the company of red balloon emoji. The picture which she posted on the platform consisted of various photos or so to be called it was basically a collage where the photos of Meghan and other ones with the Queen and also with baby Archie along with Prince Harry.

Another tweet that came forward into wishing her birthday and which was from her in-laws was from Prince Charles and Camilla where they also made a praising comment into wishing her and which was once again in company with a red balloon emoji and thus the photo was of Markle giving a bright smile.

The comments of praise were coming along from the in-laws for Markle and finally the praising comments of wishing birthday came from Prince William and Kate Middleton where the tweet was in the company of a cake emoji where the photo of Markle when she went to Australia’s Bondi Beach.

Meghan Markle


The praising comments from the in-laws for Markle left a big image for all of us where fans once again have their own kind of opinions to keep where they came forward with different and different kinds of comments such as that it is mandatory for an image to keep and for the pillar they hold in front of everyone. Fans on the other hand with the majority were happy to come across the tweets and that they also wished Meghan a birthday with all the praise. Fans and the viewers when talking about the fact were hoping that they would come forward with a family photo that will be dropped out by the royal family but it did not unfortunately and that they also expected that they would have a very first glimpse of their child, Lili, who was born on 4th of June and that there has not been any other photo glimpse of the baby. The expectations are kept high where they also think that things at the royal family are now stable where they were messed up sometime before related to what Meghan’s came forward with the views. The birthday of Meghan could be another reason how things have gotten stable and the fans are now looking forward for the picture of the royal family but who knows what shall happen in the times to come.

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