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KSI And Lil Wayne Get Back As Therapists In Video For New Song ‘Lose’ – Everything To Know

KSI release a song with Lil Wayne

We are here to shed some light on the music video which was dropped recently and is getting viral through time. The song named Lose got out by KSI and features Lil Wayne. The song on the other hand is regarded as a hit one and for the moment is getting a good number in streaming and views. KSI was planning to work with Lil Wayne for a long time now and that he mentioned it was one on his bucket list and that he finally got an opportunity to work out a song with him. It was some rumors that were taking place that there shall be another song made by both of them but there has not been any confirmation on this yet.

The song ‘Lose’ made its arrival in a quick short period and a month since KSI delivered his second album where he continues to make his impact in the field of the music industry ‘All over the Place’ had connecting dots and also a link to some big major artists such as Future, 21 Savage and many more as he will involve more good artists in upcoming songs that h will make.


KSI music video’s plot

The song ‘Lose’ is all about pop touch song and jumpy background music and emotional touches, on the other hand, the song came out with a music video that shows both KSI and Lil Wayne goes up to mark their attendance in the office of Therapy while they go to treatment in the music video and also it is portrayed how they come forward with highlighting their dreams and also nightmares on the alongside and this is portrayed in an animated scene.

When the review for ‘All Over The Place’ was done, it was written that it is safe to say that the star is now discovering more of the taste and balance in the music and looking forward to the state of music which matches the vibe he is looking for and would work well later. Where this doesn’t bother the fact that he has dropped out some big hits over the course of the period.



It was reported that KSI shall be looking up for the tours as it will be the next big thing for the rapper to become more famous and where he already had declared that he will be featuring a show in Wembley and though it shall take place in February next year. KSI is now going strong with more of the chances that he has to explore as stated by him. The video is looking out for success and shall probably be one as it got a good response from the fans and listener’s around the world and all they had to give was a good word to them. There is no confirmation whether another song would be made or not but the song they made shall top the charts too.


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