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Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Putting Her Social Media On Fire, Shares Impressive Pic In Neon Green Bikini

Famous rapper and song writer’s Eminem daughter Hailie Jade shared her impressive and beautiful bikini photos on Instagram.

Eminem’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He is one of the most famous songwriters and rappers in the world. His estimated sales are around 220 million records. Hailie jade is her daughter.

Hailie was born on 25th December in 1995 in Detroit, Michigan. She turned 25 years old last year. She is a social media influencer with 2.1 Million followers on Instagram and 104.4 K fans on Tiktok.

Hailie recently posted her bikini photos on Tuesday, August 11, 2021, on instagram. She wore a beautiful bikini set. She wore a yellow bikini top with a patterned bikini bottom. Her bikini bottom is patterned in blue-green shades. Alongside, she wore a white shell necklace and sunglasses, and some rings on her fingers as accessories.


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Hailie hauled up summer vibes through her bikini post. She posted 2 photographs with caption “Aye Aye Captain”. She is on a boat in the middle of a lake. There’s a flag far in the background. Her photoshoot is giving intense summer vibes, with her beauty and hotness. The photograph is very alluring.

She poses beautifully sitting on her knees, her body straight and fit. An open weather’s light on her tanned body in the middle of water makes the photograph much more attractive. Her brown hair was open and free.

Hailie is very close to her father Eminem as she she revealed in one of her interviews in 2018. When she was asked about her and her father relationship and if she visits him often, she stated that they are very close.

Hailie is the only child of Eminem and her ex-wife Kimberly Scott. They shared her custody after their divorce. Eminem has 3 more children but he is more close to Hailie than anyone else. Hailie has one younger sister, one younger brother, and one elder sister as well.

Eminem revealed in an interview that Hailie is so close to him. He loves his daughter more than anyone else. Indeed he stated that she is the reason that he wants to succeed. She is the reason he fears to fail. He doesn’t want to be a failure for her. She keeps him busy and motivated to succeed. He doesn’t want to be a failure in his career and as her father. He dont want her to grow up and not able to say that her dad succeeded. Eminem loves his daughter more than anyone else in this world. She means the world to him.

Additionally, he stated that she is the only one he’s all got. He talks about her a lot and he stated that if the world ended she is all he got. Hailie is Eminem’s lifeline. He even mentioned her in many of his rap songs, around 20 of them.

Moreover, Hailie is dating her college sweetheart, Evan McClintock. She met him through college in 2016. She posted a picture with him too on Instagram. Her Instagram profile is public.