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How Did Webbie Collapse During Virginia Show, Days After Shootout At His Louisiana Concert?

Webbie the 35-year-old American rapper fainted in his last show on Sunday. His full name is Webster Gradney jr. and he is known as Webbie in the music world. He is from Baton Rougue, Louisiana. He is also an actor, he worked as a co-actor in some films.

Webbie has given back-to-back hit music to the world. He is also known as Young Savage Sweet Jones Jr.

His last show was in Louisiana on Sunday, August 22, 2021. The rapper was fit and fine before he hit the stage. In the middle of a performance, the singer was seen getting off the stage. He was getting back backstage where he was shivering and suddenly he fainted. There is footage showing the rapper getting off the stage in the middle of a performance.

The singer was in perfect health according to the fans when he was on stage. It was sudden that he started feeling unwell and walked off the stage just like that. e was trembling. Everyone was shocked and wasn’t aware of his situation as he walked out in the middle of his performance.

In the video, the rapper is walking towards the door. His legs are shaking. Before he can get to the door he collapsed and fell. His staff and workers followed him and tried to get him up. His staff also covered him well so there will be no photos and videos of him collapsing. They instantly called for assistance and dialed 911. He was immediately rushed to the hospital.

It was looked like a seizure but the doctors denied it. As per the doctors, he is now stable and can return home. He needs rest and is taken under observation. Also, is given the required medications.  According to the rapper’s representatives, Webbie’s physician denied that it was a seizure.  Although, the cause of the sudden fall is still unknown. Doctors and webbie are keeping it personal. Maybe it was just stress and weakness. We don’t know yet.

The incident left the fans unhappy and worried. They were worried about the singer’s health. Many of the fans also posted about praying for the rapper’s health. They said that it was not funny to have a seizure. Indeed, one of the users posted that Webbie is getting old and he should focus on his health more.

The incident happened after just a week of the gun shooting incident. Last Sunday, on August 8, 2021, there was another incident when Webbie had a concert in Lafayette, Louisiana. There was a mass shooting that left one person wounded and one person dead. It happened outside The District Nightclub at 2 a.m. There is still no final report on the incident if that was about a parking lot fight or some other very serious matter.

The shooting incidents are increasing at such concert evenings. In May, another shooting incident happened. Three gunmen were seen heading towards the concern with semi-automatic guns. The concert was in El Mula Banquet hall. They killed two people and injured 21 others.