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Surprise! SZA Releases Three New Tracks On Soundcloud And Fans Can’t Keep Calm

SZA debut songs

The big news came in as SZA gone up to drop new debut songs and though they are currently streaming at a good number and though we are here to shed some light on it.

SZA tracks currently streaming

SZA is a famous known personality and that she has gone up to deliver some of the big songs in the time and even collaborating with the big names of the industry. SZA went on to drop three new songs as a debut on a SoundCloud and that she went on to close her weekend in style. The songs which were released goes on by the name “I hate you” along with “Nightbird” and “Joni”. The artist of TDE went on to Twitter in order to share the release announcement of the songs and though she went on caption it with a title ‘dumping random thoughts’ and though there was a direct link to the page and taking up to the SoundCloud account where her news songs were actually released. This came out as a big surprising fact for the fans where they were not expecting this and that the star would drop three new tracks on the closing of the weekend as a debut. There was also a Livestream which took place and thus the star replied to the fan’s question that there shall be more music in the next month but there has not been any confirmation on this part. Though we could believe that the songs would actually drop putting analysis on the recent songs she went on to drop surprisingly.


Talking about the fact that the star went on to drop another set of a visual which was a remark of dance which was a part of one of the song named “Joni” which came out recently and the video went on to feature a famous known dancer named Nana Yaa and it was actually directed by SZA. The lyrics have been set in motion beautifully and it looks exactly better when the chorus is joined by one and other and thus the tunes of rhyming are also joined along giving it a different and bold look. The song on the other hand is joined by a little taste of R&B and it is expected that the song might be able to hit some big charts in a time as according to the sources.



The fans came across this news where they were all excited to go through the stars new debut tracks as everyone is even curious to know what more does the star has to offer in the period. She has already gotten a good response when it is about the streaming of the song and the numbers are rising at the time. The song has gotten a good number of likes and views and that is in a short period of time and the fans have been wishing the star for dropping more of the new songs in times to come.

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