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Tiffany & Co. Introduces The “About Love” Diamond Jewellery Campaign Starring Beyonce And Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z coming together in a campaign

The big news came in recently regarding the big upcoming campaign that shall be starring celebrity giants Beyonce and Jay Z and though we are here to shed some light on it.

The big announcement came through from Tiffany and Co. that their latest campaign will be featuring the big named celebrities named Beyonce and Jay Z and though they would go on to lead the campaign and this is into celebrations of modern love. The news has been traveling around fast on social media and everywhere. The headlines hit recently and there were some rumors before that the campaign would be looking forward to choosing the big names and that the big news is now finally here. The “About Love” is a big known campaign that would be holding out the direction towards the jewelry status and also the new looks and creation onto their jewelry. It is actually marked as a debut of Tiffany which will hold a big record if giving analysis on the Jewellery Market. The result which stands out as a remarkable collaboration between the Company of Tiffany and Carter’s and thus there shall be many tours and sales to it too as according to the sources.


Beyonce and Jay Z iconic bond portrayed

Alexandre Arnault, who is known basically as the Vice president of the team came forward into sharing the views when they went for this decision and though he stated that the iconic couple has gone up to set an image throughout and whether we talk about the image of love, trust, and strength where they hold the pillars of values to them and continues to inspire people and make a mark in the life for care and love. He mentioned that they could not come across any other remarkable couple that could hold the same sort of values as the family if Tiffany and so the Carter’s were chosen up for the collaboration.

Talking about the fact that this is the first time that the couple would be coming along together in a campaign and that is why the expectations are kept high that “About Love” might go on to break records in the time. “About Love” campaign is thus regarded as the one where the discovery of connection takes place and the care along with kindness shall be taken place in the world where then the world would be a better place. The big love story of The Carter’s would be portrayed by Tiffany Diamond which is a big name so to say and also to mention that the campaign that would be taking place in the time would stand out as the first public appearance in arts.



The fans and the audience came across this news where they are all excited and can’t wait to witness the best path of the art and though all they had were compliments and wishes for the couple and all they appreciated the fact that the company gave a thought on this.


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