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Selena Gomez And Camilo To Collab With Each Other For New Song ‘999’

Selena Gomez set to release a new song

We are here to bring surprise news as the new song from Selena Gomez is just around the corner and that we are here to shed some light on it.

Selena Gomez is a famous personality who is throughout the world and that she has delivered some of the big songs that have gone up to make history and whether by listing them on to the major charts for weeks or winning a number of awards for them. There were rumours taking place for a long time that the star shall be dropping a new song and it is in a Collab with a known star too but it was actually not exposed regarding music or any other details.

Selena Gomez collaboration with Camilo

The star finally came forward into announcing that her new music shall be coming out on 27th of August and the song is titled ‘999’ where it is in collaboration with a famous artist Camilo whereas the song is already on the list for pre-save. The star is dropping a song after a while and her last song named Revelación came out in March.

The star on the other hand has gone up to give a number of hints through the time including the time when she shared up photos on her Instagram which was actually a teaser for the next set of music that will be coming up and though she has been often spotted wearing a bracelet which gives out the words ‘SG3’ and it actually refers to the point where she is referring to the next era of music and mentioning the fact that she previously went on to share that the star would no longer be a part of music in any way. There have been rumors also that the star is giving out her last try in the music field and that she has already planned what she has to do.

Selena came forward in the interview with Elle where she stated that she had a feeling that the music she has been releasing in time is not taken seriously and though many of the listeners have come forward to support her and there have been some sources who says that it is hardly possible that the icon will part away from the Industry and it is not anytime soon.

Selena has also been working in the acting profession where she is currently playing a role in Only Murders in the Building which is a series by Hulu where a totally different look of the star would be witnessed.


The fans have gathered up into supporting the star with her music where the music she will be dropping out is expected to reach good marks and also response but it is yet to see. The song is scheduled to drop out on the 27th where many have already pre-saved the song and looking forward to hearing it.

Selena Gomez

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