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Cardi B Hits Back At Online Trolls After Lizzo Shares Tearful Instagram Video – A True Friend Indeed

Cardi B stand in support

The big news came in about the famous talented singer named Lizzo as Cardi B stood in support after the trolls were set out and that we are here to shed some light on it.

Lizzo is known throughout for her big songs that she has delivered in the time before and is considered as one of the important singers in the industry of music where recently she dropped a song alongside with Cardi B named ‘Rumors’ and the song got a good response on the side from throughout the world and is set to list itself in the major charts.

Cardi B

Cardi B response to Lizzos abuse

Many of the critics came forward recently in order to troll Lizzo where these unfair means go on normally in this day of life and the celebrity had to face a lot of negative comments or mean comments that many spoke out with and then Lizzo came ahead by posting a video on her Instagram where she stated that the kind of online abuse she has been receiving through the past days is getting bigger and that is depressing. Cardi B stood along with the singer in support. Lizzo went on to Instagram Live where then she broke down with tears as she came across the mean abusive comments of many kinds such as racism and abuse of body-shaming was put normally and the social media was not staying quiet about the fact. Lizzo then states that whenever she receives such comments on a normal basis, it does not affect her at times but now that she is working hard to reach the stage and deliver the kind of music that the audience wants and then when they go at one, it hurts sometimes as she states that she has been sensitive at parts these days. Cardi stood up in support for her and also she went on Twitter to post a video and all she had was bold words to say for her and it stood out as a big slap to all the haters and the people who have been doing this disgusting activity to not just Lizzo but many celebrities throughout. Cardi at the end also stated that they shall hate the figure if they go on to such stage no matter what as they would love to witness one crying.

Cardi B

Following the tweet, Cardi went on ahead with stating that the song, on the other hand, is doing great and might reach the top as expected and thus the song might break records with it. Cardi showed her support and that was a sign to everyone that they should all stand against this kind of abuse and that such behavior won’t be tolerated.


The fans came across this and they praised Lizzo and supported her by their different views and with all the good words. The fans praised her with words and all the comments were coming in with good words in order to show support.

Cardi B

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