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Belly Releases New Album ‘See You Next Wednesday’ Featuring Stars Like The Weeknd, Nas, Lil Uzi Vert, And More

Belly Music Album

We bring you the big news as a new music album project is going to be released by Belly and though we are here to shed some light on it.

Belly features big names in his upcoming music album

The belly is a known famous figure and has dropped out some big hit songs and though has also been able to make it to the charts. The big project has been in work and that Belly has been working on it for a long period of time where the album was scheduled to drop soon before the time but it was delayed time and now it is all set to drop by the star. The album is titled ‘See You Next Wednesday’. Belly on the other hand stated that the one best way to make a closure of the album is to include Abel in the song and after the time when the music was done. Belly made a statement about the completion of the album. The album on the other hand shall be consisting a total of 15 tracks where a number of big names have been featured in the songs. The songs have a little mix kind of R&B music which gives it a good taste to listen and even the rhymes takes place smoothly and though the sources confirmed that the star is now looking forward to releasing the album.

Belly on the other hand recently stated that the big artists which are featured in the album are Lil Uzi Vert, Nas, Young Thug, Big Sean, and many more big names to come across into making the songs. The famous rapper from Canada is releasing his first-ever album project where he released some of the songs as some sort of a snippet of the album or a teaser to it. The star has also dropped a visual video of the album and which is put with a caption to go through the clip and thus which is directed by James Larese. The star sat on an interview with Amazon Music and though he shared some of the kind of memories which are attached to the album whereas he has gone up to link some of the tough times in his life to the songs he has made recently. The star stated that the rap which everyone shall witness is coming from deep within and even the lyrics are giving a message and that is how Belly thinks that his album would be able to excel in the music industry.



The star also stated on the other hand that he can’t wait to get busy traveling around for tours and that he would give it all to the stadiums he would go on to perform. Belly also appreciated his fans sideways and thus he mentioned that his fans have been supportive to him and also his family where he will give his best to live up to their expectations.


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