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Jon Gosselin Shares Photo Of Children Hannah And Collin On Their First Day Of High School On Social Media – See Pics

Jon Gosselin Shares a photo of his children

The heartwarming news came in recently as Jon Gosselin went on to share a photo which was of his children with a caption where he was also expressing his feelings and thought we are here to shed some light on it.

Jon Gosselin is a famous personality on Television and that he has appeared in a number of reality shows and other series alongside too where the personality has always been the one to look after his family and gave all attention to his kids where he has often been seen out with his family spending time whether going out on an amusement park or somewhere else, he has always been a family guy. Jon on the other hand went on to share a photo of his children wherein the photo it was her daughter Hannah and son Collin and thought the photo was of their first day in junior high school and thus when they were 17 years of age. The image he posted out was that the kind of feeling he was trying to express and that he was actually proud of. The image portrayed how both of the children were standing in front of their cars.

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin express his feelings

The figure on the other hand went on to put a caption under the picture stating that it was their first day in their 11th Grade along with wishes and praise.

The known television personality was married to her long-time girlfriend Kate Gosselin and though after a period of time when their marriage was not working out, they decided to take divorce finally back in 2009 and though they welcomed eight children together and was together for a time period of ten years.

The children Hannah and Collin were actually living away from their family due to some program which they signed up for and though they have been living with their father currently after returning back whereas talking about the fact that the other children lives and looks after their mother.


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It was the time back in 2018 when Jon came forward in an interview stating that no one from the family was in touch except his two children named Hannah and Collin. He also stated that it’s fine if the children don’t want to talk to him but at least he knows they are close keeping connections with their siblings and that is what matters to him. The star also stated that it has been hard on the other hand to process all this at once where there was once a time when they used to live together and the time period they spent together was seven years and though he said that it has been really hard for him to even think about it at the time.

The photo which the star posted was liked by many and the audience also praised him for being an amazing dad at the time and also wishing him luck.

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