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Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon Campaigns For Jewelery Company Swarovski After Bringing Honor To The Vogue Covers

Recently, it has been acclaimed that Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon is the face of Swarovski. Lourdes Leon is a 24-year-old American singer and model, born in California, United States.

Lourdes is the daughter of Madonna Louise Ciccone and Carlos Leon. Madonna is a 63-year-old American actress and Singer. Madonna s known as the Queen of pop for her amazing songs. She is one of the most influential people in popular culture.

Lourdes had recently returned from Italy. In Italy, they celebrated her mother’s MAdonna’s birthday. Madonna’s birthday was on August 16, she turned 63 this year. Louis along with her brother Rocco Richie (21) siblings David Banda and Mercy James (15) and twin girls Stella and Estere (9) hang out in Italy to celebrate Madonna’s birthday.

After returning Lourdes Leon was back to work instantly, She was modeling this week. An image featuring Lourdes came out on Wednesday. She is now the new face of the decorative glass and jewelry company Swarovski.

In the photo, she is wearing a light green bandeau-style halter top. It looks amazing with the accessories. And she is matching with blue jeans and accessories like a necklace, rings, and belly chain. Her right thumb is onto the jeans and with another hand, she is holding the necklace she is wearing.

The stylish garment is showing off her midriff and perfectly toned shoulders. Her beauty is surfacing through her face and attire matched with a perfect waist Girdle or belly chain. She is wearing a number of rings and her shiny black hair is kept straight. The background color is plain and simple which adds to the beauty and surfaces her face more.

Lourdes aka Lola will be the face of Swarovski‘s new Collection, the II campaign. The brand stated that this collection is a platform that will represent people from all cultures and orientations.  This collection will be like a legacy, accessories which can be used by people from any tradition or religion. And the brand representatives added that the beautiful model, actress, academic and activist girl, Lourdes Leon is perfect for this campaign as she personifies the spirit of Swarovski. and the recent picture proofs it too. She looks amazing as the new face of the company.

Swarovski is a private Austrian producer of fashionable jewelry. The company was founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. The company has a revenue of 3.5 billion. The company is in their family since the foundation and now the company is under the fifth generation of the family. The products of the fashion company include Crystal, genuine gemstones, artificial stones, glass, accessories, etc. You can visit their official website here: swarovski.com.

Lourdes Leon has worked as a model previously, She had done photoshoots for Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, and many others. She is no stranger to fashion and modeling campaigns.

Most recently, she was featured on the Vogue Magazine cover issue. She is one of the eight supermodels who was featured on the coveted September issue cover of the magazine. Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Anok Yai were more from the others.