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Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Expressed His Grief As He Tweeted About Loyal Friend Duke’s Death

Terry Eugene Bollea is an American professional wrestler. he is 68 years old, and he is now retired from wrestling. He is better known as Hulk Hogan, it’s his ring name. Hulk Hogan is the most popular wrestler of the 1980s. Recently, On August 11, 2021, he celebrated his 68th birthday.

Hogan started his career in wrestling in the year 1977, when he was just 24 years of age. However, 1983’s WWE (World Wrestling Federation) gained him worldwide recognition. Indeed, Hulk has won a WWE championship six times and had been honored with the WWE Hall of Fame. After his recognition worldwide Hulk Hogan has also appeared in some ads, shows, and movies as well. He had done movies like Rocky III, Mr. Nannny, No Holds Barred, etc.

Recently, the wrestler has posted a photo of his dog who passed away. He is sad about his dog’s death. His dog passed away this week and he revealed the news to his followers by putting on a post about his pet dog.

Hogan posted two photos of his dog. The name of his pet dog was Duke. He captioned the post by stating that he is so sad that his loyal friend duke had passed away. He concluded it by saying “I love you Duke” and signed it as “Dad”.

As soon as the news broke fans, followers, and friends supported the wrestler by saying their goodbyes and offering words for the peaceful death of the dog. The wrestling Mick Foley also commented and offer his words of support stating that he is sorry for hulk’s loss.

A fan commented about how Duke will never leave the hearts of people. He offered his condolences and stated the fact that they loved seeing duke whenever the wrestler posted about him.  They are also sad about the dog’s death and just because he has left the world doesn’t mean that he leave their hearts too. Another follower commented that it’s painful to say goodbye to an old friend but there were all the good times and remembering that good times will always give you a smile at last.

Earlier this summer, Hulk shared a photo with an emotional tweet. He was asking God for one more day. The photo was of a beautiful sunset over the ocean, a palm tree was hanging over the side. It is beautiful scenery. He tweeted “Please God”, he was asking God for one more day and wrote, “HH” at the end with writing “sic” at the end.

Moreover, earlier this month, Hulk posted another emotional post. He as a wrestler and a human paid a tribute to American wrestler Bobby Eaton, who died on August 4. Bobby’s health was not well, and his wife had died a month before his death. He died in his sleep.

Paying tribute to Bobby, Hulk wrote RIP Bobby and about how a great person bobby is. HUlk stated that he had always admired Bobby’s love for business and he also admires him because he provides opportunities to young talent. He stated that without people like Bobby the young newcomers will not have the opportunities they deserve in today’s world. he also mentioned Bobby to be a real pro. He concluded it by saying that he will again see his friend, Bobby on the flip.