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Aston Martin Reveals The Most Expensive ‘Toy’ Car Ever Which Is Worth $3.5 Million – Behold The Full-Size James Bond 007 Corgi

James Bond ‘Corgi’ makes a comeback

We are here to shed some light on the full-size toy car that Aston Martin created from James Bond and that this latest news has been surfacing around.

James Bond

James Bond Toy Car’s details

James Bond has no doubt been one of the biggest movies of all time and though it has made its impact throughout the number of years and though ending up winning a number of awards in the time. The big blockbuster movies like these get a different type of appreciation in the time and though many materialistic things have come out from the small toys to a single clothing piece and everything is noticed. James Bond movies have also made a big name in it and the known famous ‘Corgi’ as a classic version named ‘Goldfinger’ has its own supremacy at the time as it has been featured and has come into stunts for a number of James Bond movies throughout the time period as the car basically goes by the name Bond 007 1965 DB5. The perfect way to celebrate the trailer of its next part named ‘No Time To Die’ is no other than the way to drop out its full-sized toy car and Aston Martin did the same. The full-sized toy car is a silver coupe and though the replica is set in a transparent big Box at the place of Battersea Power Station and though it would be set out to place on October 1. Talking about the fact that the car is not totally like a toy car but more likely it is a plaything which in a way is scaled up. The other fact which is taken into consideration is that the car is a fully functional one and the same one which was used in the movie and its reproduction took place two years ago and though it was in work by Aston Martin and though their authority worked as best as they could to even give observation to the details and though they also went on to equip the major details which are used in the film such as putting up a smokescreen, the shield which is bulletproof and though could be deployed out at any time along with the number plates with a sign and those could actually revolve at the time and also the big major concept which has bee put up in that car is the machine gun which is deployed out from the corner light but mentioning the fact that they do not fire as obvious and though along with the features which do not go forward into working.

James Bond


Aston Martin is a well-known car company and though they have come forward that the cars have been hand-built in a limit of 25 and though they have also set the price tag for it and that is $3.5 million and though also considering the fact that the car is not street legal but the reports also mentioned that it is anticipated by many into buying.

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