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Bird Box 2 – When Is The Sequel To The Sci-Fi Horror Releasing On Netflix? Read To Know

Bird Box makes a return

We are here to shed some light on the rumors and questions which have been popping up regarding the return of Bird Box and whether it would make its return or not.

Bird Box

Bird Box 2 Releasing Soon?

The movie was dropped on Netflix back in 2018 and though Bird Box was able to excel at the box office by earning a good amount of money at a worldwide rate. Although to mention that the movie at the time faced some mixed sort of reviews but actually was rated good by IMDb and thus it was clear that the movie was a big hit. The recognition kicked in quickly and though the audience also shared their good reviews towards the movie whereas now they are looking forward to the next installment as everyone is curious to know what more does the movie has to offer as it will grow up to offer more suspense-packed storyline in the stage. This novel-based movie actually received an appreciation whether to notice about the details which were put in the story, to the characters and storyline. The story, on the other hand, gave vast suspense-packed scenes to witness, and though the audience is actually expecting more from its next part. Josh Malerman, who is the author of the novel and who came up with the idea of this Title came forward into sharing that the next part is in present under work and though it is expected that some kind of an update of the movie from the creators shall be made soon. So to mention that the movie received all the hype at the time and so is now is also currently strong for the next part to come. Malerman came forward by stating that the movie shall take some time to drop and though the name of the next title is set as ‘Malorie’ which would particularly be based on the character of Sandra Bullock.

The question arises from everyone as to what more shall be the story in the coming title and what shall be portrayed and as far as we know that the title ‘Malorie’ will actually lead from the continuation it left off in the previous part and though going along on the journey blindfolded and looking after the children were the big thing which was opened up in the previous chapter but the next part will contain more hurdles and tough situations that would make the audience bite their nails as mentioned by the author.

Bird Box


The movie Bird Box 2 on the other hand would portray a story that is not based on the novel and thus there were also rumors that the movie will be set ten years after what happened in the first chapter after a period of time and though shall go up to portray a similar but different kind of hurdle to follow. The fans are looking ahead to the release of the movie but it is yet to make an announcement regarding the release date which will arrive soon too.

Stay tuned for more.

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