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Rick And Morty Live Action – Adult Swim Teaser Trailer And Latest News About Release Date

Rick And Morty Live-Action Trailer Is Here. Rick and Morty is an American adult drama science fiction series. The animated series is created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

The series has received positive critics from all over the world for its humor and comedy mixed with science fiction.

There are five seasons that are already been released. The first season was released on 2 December 2013. There are a total of 51 episodes in the five seasons. The first season has 11 episodes while the rest of the four seasons have 10 episodes each.

The last season was released on June 20, 2021. There was a long-term agreement that was closed down in 2018 in which the series was renewed for 70 new episodes. However, it was not announced that these will be distributed in how many episodes per season. But there will be the sixth season for sure. And there is a high possibility of a seventh season as well.

The series is made for cartoon network night programming block. Adult swim is the original network of the series. Indeed, on 3rd September 2021, adult swim posted a live-action teaser on Twitter. The rick and Morty live-action video has shown Christopher Lloyd as Rick Sanchez and Jaeden Martell as Morty. The two were shown acting in the pickle-rick episode of the third season.

The series is originated from the anime Back to the future and the teaser film shows Christopher Lloyd as Rick in rick’s famous lab coat. And Jaeden Martell as Morty is the perfect cast. Fans have wanted to see Christopher in the role of rick since forever. The short video is not captioned with anything but it is very satisfying for the fans of the show.

There have not been any updates about anything with the video. The few seconds of video is just like a bonus for the fans. This is not an announcement about any new episodes or anything. The release date of the sixth season is not announced yet as well.

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Rick and Morty are grandfather-grandson to each other. Rick the mad scientist experiments with his different ideas and takes Morty with him. The story revolves around these two as the main characters and their family. The scientist Rick and his grandson Morty, travel through a portal to a different world at a different time. They travel to different universes and have a lot of adventures. They fight some aliens as well. Rick has been missing for 20 years and he came back at his daughter’s doorsteps and lives with them. He has a number of sci-fi gadgets.

In the 14-seconds video, Rick and Morty come out through a portal.  Rick burps and says that they have reached home. And Morty says, Awww Geez. That’s all. That’s the live video but for fans, it’s pretty exciting to see Rick and Morty in real life than that of anime. Rick is shown in his infamous white coat and Morty in his yellow t-shirt. At the start, the lab is shown.

You can watch the live-action short video on the official Twitter account of the Adult swim.