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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release Date To Be Announced Soon? What To Expect?

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a manga series. It is a dark fantasy and a supernatural thriller drama. The manga series is created by Sui Ishida. The series has 14 volumes.

In 2014, the manga was adapted into an anime tv series.  Indeed, in 2017 an anime action film was also released.

The anime tv-series is directed by Shuhei Morita. And it is written by Chuji Mikasano. Pierrot studios are the production house for the series. The original network of the series is Tokyo MX, TVQ, TVO, AT-X, and TV Aichi. Moreover, the series is available on Funimation, Madman entertainment, Anime Limited, and Top Insight.

Indeed, there is a sequel too of the anime adaptation titled “Tokyo Ghoul: re”.  It also has 2 seasons”

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release Date

The series first season premiered from July to September in 2014, having 12 episodes. The second season premiered from January to March in 2015, having 12 episodes.

Basically the Tokyo Ghoul: Re is like the third season of the season. It is a soft rebooted sequel and based on the first season and is a sequel but its story is kind of expanded. It ran from April to June 2018, with 12 episodes similar to the other seasons.

And it is not as loved as the original anime series. However, since there are 14 volumes, there is much content left for another season. Although there have been no announcements yet about any other season, the fans are waiting to see a proper Tokyo Ghoul Season 3. It is expected that there will be another season. And if there will be a Tokyo Ghoul Season 3, it is expected to release in 2023, not before that. As there have been no announcements that means that there are no plans yet and it will take at least a year of production after the plans are made for another season.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Storyline

The story revolves around a man called Ken Kaneki. He is a student who goes on a date with a girl called Rize Kamishiro. This girl is actually a ghoul and tries to eat him. he barely survives this incident. He was taken to a hospital in a bad state. He recovered somehow but he then realized that this date has changed him altogether. He realized he had become a half-ghoul. And now he has to eat human flesh in order to survive.

He was taken in by a group of ghouls who teaches him to be a part of them. Now he tries to maintain his life, as he has to keep it a secret from the human world. The story continues about being a secret from society.

In the sequel, Ken is shown with a new identity named Haise Sasaki who is a mentor of a new team called Quinx Squad. He is now an amnesiac as he had gone through a really tough time. A horrific incident happened to him in which his brain has been damaged. Sasaki and his squad had been given the task of hunting down the ghouls and kill them.

This new sequel is set two years after the original anime series was ended in the second season. This sequel season is based on the first 58 chapters of the manga.