When Is Baki Season 4 Coming Out? Release Date Announcement And Latest Updates

Baki is an American manga series. This manga series is written and illustrated by Keisuke Itagaki.  It is series based on martial arts. In 2001, the manga series was adapted into a television series. The television series is written by Atsuhiro Tomioka. The first season premiered on January 8, 2001. To date, three seasons of the series have been released and are loved for their storyline and fans are eagerly waiting for Baki Season 4. You can watch the series on Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. The series has good ratings and for the lovers of action fights, it’s a perfect series.

Baki Season 4 Release Date

In late 2020, the series was renewed for a fourth season. Netflix has finally announced the release date for Baki Season 4 that the fans are waiting for since forever. Earlier the season was about to premiere in 2021. Now, Netflix has announced that season fourth will release on 30th September 2021.

A trailer has released on the 2nd September 2021 in which the date has been confirmed for release. The series is releasing on the 30th anniversary of the franchise. Baki Season 4 is titled “Baki: Son of Orge”. After the big announcement of the release date, Crunchyroll announced that the trailer is going to be released soon.

In the trailer, Baki is seen in an action sequence with some of his opponents. The trailer is in Japanese. We don’t have confirmation if the English dub will also release on 30th September. The series will release in Japenese but maybe fans have to wait for a day or two for the English dub.

Baki Season 4 Plot & Storyline

The story revolves around a young man named Baki Hanma. He is the son of Yujiro Hanma. Yujiro Hanma is the strongest human in the world and every country wants him. He is a one-man army. He can produce or stop an earthquake with just his fist. He is known all over the world for his immense power. His son, Baki wants to be more powerful than his father.

Baki’s father raised him to be the next ultimate powerful human being. He trained him and urged him to be better than he is. Baki on his journey to be an ultimate fighter have to go through many matches and fights. He meets his opponents and learns something from them and continues his journey. Every fight is unique and engaging as every opponent has his own techniques, strengths, and weaknesses.

In the end, we saw that the world’s best five fighters are looking for an opponent who can defeat them. They are up for a challenge.

In Baki Season 4, we will see the story continuing from where the third season ended. We will see new fight sequences and new techniques. Indeed, it is expected to see some new characters as well. As we saw, in the trailer Baki will fight a number of opponents. Let’s see what will happen next. Will he be able to achieve his goals? We will see soon.

This season is likely to have 17 episodes. And all the key characters are likely to return as well.

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