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Ares Season 2 Release Date; Is It Worth Watching? Read To Know

Ares Returns with a Second Season

We are here to shed some light on the rumors and announcements updates regarding Ares Season 2 and when it is set to return. Ares with its first season was able to stand out to the expectations of the audience as this show comes out from the horror genre and though it had a lot to give from its first season where it slowly drew attention to itself with gaining recognition alongside and also fame which has now helped the season to renew their contract whereas many meetings were held at the time to bring back the show and that the decision has finally taken place in their favor where finally Netflix came forward with the news that the show is getting a renewal contract at the time and though it is a clarification that season 2 would come along on the steaming platform giant Netflix.

The first season of the show was dropped back in January of 2020 and though it consisted of a total of 8 episodes in its first season. The story is particularly based on the Greek mythology god’s and though the story had a lot to offer and is looking promising with more to come ahead.


Ares Season 2 Release Date

Talking about the fact that Netflix or the staff of the show has not come forward with any kind of release date to follow and though there have just been announcements regarding the contract the reports also came along at the time that the show was done filming some time ago and that it would probably release at the end of 2021 or the starting of 2022. The delays which are taking place for a while now are just because of the fact that the Covid19 pandemic is holding some protocols and thus some of the work after the filming stays pending but it is now expected to arrive soon.


Ares Season 2 Plot

Some reports came ahead with mentioning that the story will quite frankly link the first season but not as a whole and so the continuation would be in order. There has not been any trailer out so it’s hard to expect as to what the story shall come ahead within the second season but so to say looking over the fact how season 1 came to an end, it is safe to say that the plan which was in making for a long time would then be taken forward and though executed by the group in their ways. Season 1 also portrayed how Rosa died in the events and thus she went on to be reincarnated and then standing out possessing huge abilities in her hands and it is clear to say that the second season will put light on these powers that Rosa possesses and also sparkling light on her story. Though we could expect that the story would take a different approach in the show and the fans are eager to cover the story and they would soon on Netflix.


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