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Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Release Date; Is It Delayed Again?

Solo Leveling Chapter 156

We are here to shed some light on Solo Leveling Chapter 156 as fans have been eagerly waiting for this part to drop and the excitement is gathering around.

Solo Leveling has been going on for a period of time and that it has drawn the audience to itself with its big storyline.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Updated Release Date

The release for the chapters take place on the weekly scheduled date and though the audience has been curious in the time to cover more in the story and the chapter 155 was recently out and though chapter 156 was scheduled to be out this month the poor health of the author led to some delays and that it is expected that the latest chapter will release next month.

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Where to read

If you want to cover more in the story of Solo Leveling and know more about what shall be happy in the later chapters to come then you could head to Tappy Toon as it is available to read it there along with the English translations which are also available. Solo Leveling has been one of the curiously rated shows and now the show is growing more with a storyline to follow in the time.

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Chapter 155 Recaps that links with Spoilers

The spoilers usually start surfacing few days before the release date and so the announcement for it is yet to be done so the expectations are not actual spoilers or leaks out yet but we could expect them soon but the expectations and some reports mentioned that the couple in the plot shall go on to enjoy the time without any hesitation and that is a big point for them to say and that they are living the best life in the hotel together and though it is set that the monster would be at loose in Seoul where it started to make its move on the class B hunter and to say that it was a big disaster in place.

Solo Leveling

On the other hand, where the story will follow is that the efforts of the hunter community will be put in light as they would try to do everything possible to get in contact with Jin Woo, the number of casualties which has been coming in from the crisis of Monster attack is big and that situation is getting out of the hand. The monster after the attack starts to make an approach at the association or community of Hunters and that the monster is looking forward to battling the Hunter. After a while, it is then portrayed that Jin-Woo goes on to check his phone where he finds a numerous number of missed call notifications in his phone and though he then tries to get back to the Hunter Community. It would be amazing to cover as what more will the story unfold in the coming time and that the next chapter will go on to portray and how Jin-Woo will hold the situation in his hand.

Stay tuned for more.