Prison Break Season 6 Release Date; Is It Canceled?

Prison Break Season 6 Update

We are here to shed some light on the rumors and questions which are coming in regarding Prison Break Season 6 and the time when it is set to return.

Prison Break has gone up to hold a big record in the time period whether we mention the time it has gone up to list itself in the big list of nominations or winning awards, it has received it all in the form of accomplishments. The show on the other hand has got an amazing response in time from the audience and viewers. The big question now arises is whether the fans would be able to witness the sixth season or not as it has not been confirmed.

Prison Break

Prison Break Cancellation

Some meetings were taking place at the time regarding the show and to set when the show is looking forward for the return and some sources also came forward with the news that the rumors were spreading around that the plot storyline script is all ready to be set in the place but so to mention that the Season 6 of Prison Break that was supposed to be the final season of the show is officially canceled and though talking about the fact that its demand was actually very high from the audience but still the renewal contract was blocked whereas this stands out as shocker news to the fans. The rumors were also leaked at the time that the filming is taking place for the sixth season and also Fox came forward into confirming back in 2018 that the Sixth season would be arriving soon. The other note where the attention should be put is the fact that some of the fans worldwide actually don’t want Prison Break to return with its sixth installment and though they think it is the best option for it. Some of the fans surfaced through the comment section stating that the new season which would arrive would not consist of any story so to say and would just stand out to earn some money globally. Some fans also stated the part as the previous season which came out was not as successful as it was supposed to be and did not live up to the expectations of the audience whereas they think that it would just be a story without any sense that would lead in the show.


Despite the fact that the majority of fans think want the show to return as it is clear that they want to see their favorite characters in action once again. Micheal Thorn, who is the president of Entertainment came forward with stating the fact that it would be great if Prison Be returns with a new season but they would have to work hard to draw the audience towards it and that the show must live up to their expectations. The show is expected to shine if it comes out but for the time period, it stands canceled.

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