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South Park Season 24 New Episodes Coming? Release Date Updates

South Park is an animated adult sitcom. It is one of the longest-running animated sitcoms. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the creators of the sitcom and the sitcom is developed by Brian Graden.

The series is known for its narration, the expletives used, edgy surreal humor, and all the life-related topics that the sitcom covers. The sitcom had been nominated for a number of awards and had won a few too. It is one of the best, animated sitcoms. And in this article, we are going to discuss South Park Season 24 New Episodes.

South Park New Episodes Release Date

The series is made for the cable channel central Comedy. The sitcom was first debuted on 13 August 1997. Since then the sitcom has released 309 episodes distributed in 23 seasons. Season 23rd was premiered on September 25, 2019. After the 23 seasons, two special episodes were also aired on 30 September 2020 and 10 March 2021. In June 1999, an animated movie based on the series titled “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut” was also released.

South Park season 24 hasn’t been made yet but there will be another season of the Sitcom, the creators confirmed that. Indeed, the two specials are probably considered as part of the 24th season. Moreover, since the 17th season, each season has 10 episodes and therefore we assume that the season 24th will also be having 10 episodes in total.

In an interview, in 2019, Matt stone, the creator of the show stated that they (Trey and Matt) have turned almost 50 and they don’t think they will want to write the sitcom when they are 60. Although the series has been renewed till 2022, that means that there will be the 25th season. Surely, the sitcom cannot go on forever and it will come to an end but there are yet some episodes to come, so fans there is no need to get upset.

Additionally, according to the reports,  this season’s episodes will be hour-long. They will run for more timing than that of the previous episodes. You can watch the series on Comedy central or watch them online on Netflix and Amazon prime video.

South Park Season 24 Storyline

The main protagonist in the sitcom is four boys named Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, and Kenny Mccormick. They live in the town of Colorado. The show shows the future and daily life of the people of the small town. The boys were shown in the 3rd grade in the first 58 episodes of the sitcom. The sitcom shows the different events that happen in the town, some unnatural extraordinary events, and how the four boys and the town face them.

The specials were amazingly written too, they were based on the ongoing situation we are facing in the real world. The writers included the pandemic in the show. We get the first special episode as the pandemic special and the second one as the vaccination special.

There have been no updates so far on what season 24 will be about. But the season is expected to continue from where season 23 ended. There isn’t a trailer released yet and we don’t have any updates on what season 24 will be about. We will keep you updated.