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Bloody Romance Cast To Add Song Jae Rim Besides Kim Min Seok

Song Jae Rim comes in the spotlight with the role

We are here to shed some light on the recent events which took place as Song Jae Rim is all set to make his entry in the latest drama named ‘Bloody Romance’.

Song Jae Rim has a huge fan following to himself and it’s the fame that he has achieved in the period of time. It’s finally the time when many people demanded the star to make an appearance on the show and now that they are finally getting what they asked for. The star is famous in the period as he has been featured in a number of movies in the recent period of time. The meetings were taking place in the period of time to decide who shall go on to appear in the upcoming show where many other recommendations were also made in the time but mentioning the fact that the famous actor of Korea was the favorite to play in the upcoming show. The show also came forward with unfolding all the news regarding updates of the show whether it is the storyline or the update release. The storyline has thrilled everyone with its updates and what more will the twist go in the series. Song Jae Rim appearance in the show is no doubt going to be really big and we could guess this by the fact that the star also mentioned in his recent interview that he wants to play the character of a villain and that now it is confirmed that he would play the character of villain in a charming way in the series and the audience is excited to witness the fact that the star would now be playing this role.

Song Jae Rim


Bloody Romance is a show which sweet to watch but has some events which would make one emotional and though the characters who will be playing the role are going to be different and big this time.

Song Jae Rim role

Song Jae Rim would go on to play the role of Sung Hae Joon in the show and thought he would stand out as the honorable officer in the Army of North Korea where they would portray the character to stand out as a perfect guy and though the person will hold a great mindset where then he would go on to make some of the key decisions in the time period ahead in the show. The character will hold a bold look in the show along with the charming accent that he possesses of Seoul and one thing which will be shown along is that the character will not be a big fan of Capitalism and that he has a different opinion towards it. The character on the other hand will stand out as the personality which will be against and shall bring problems towards North and South Korea unification and that it would be the character would then be shown once we get the trailer out.

Song Jae Rim

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