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María Mendiola, Singer Of The 1977 Disco Anthem “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” Died At 69

María Mendiola passes away at 69

We are here to shed some light on the tragic news which came up recently as the famous personality María Mendiola passed away.

María Mendiola was a famous personality and though it’s not even doubt when we talk about the personality going up to make her mark in the entertainment industry. She had a huge fan following at the time period of her career. She was basically known as the Spanish Singer and that the member of the band which she was a part of named Baccara came forward with delivering the news. The famous tracks named ‘Yes Sir’ and ‘I Can Boogie’ were the big hits that were delivered by the star and though she received a huge amount of recognition through this. The star passed away this Saturday in Madrid and though her family was there in the moment with her.

María Mendiola

María Mendiola death left heartbroken

The star passed away at the age of 69 this Saturday and that Christina Sevilla, who was the bandmate came forward into posting the picture of the star and though she expressed her thoughts also stating that the event has left her heartbroken whereas she went on to pay the tributes to the famously renowned singer who at the period of time topped major charts and which stands as a big accomplishment for anyone in the world of music. Christina came forward on social media by posting the picture of her late friend and she expressed all the thoughts she had for the colleague. Christina went on to share some heartbroken words and she also stated all along that the star was no doubt a wonderful personality and how one of the inspired personalities left the world and left everyone sad. She also stated as how much she loved her and looked up to her as a person and also as a big star she was whereas there are no words to describe the situation at the period. She expressed her love and by giving the tributes she closed it with some heart emojis.

María Mendiola

About the band and success

The famous band which went by the name Baccara came together in the year 1977 and it was the time when it was found where the group consisted Maria and Mayte Mateos which was another famous singer at the time.

They were not famous at the start and thus they both were dancers of flamenco and that was the stage where they were slowly getting recognition as they went on to entertain the tourists on Fuerteventura, which is a known island and after a period of time, they signed a contract with the famous label named RCA Records in the country of UK.

María Mendiola


The band came out with the records ‘Yes Sir’ and ‘I Can Boogie’ which stood out as the biggest tracks breaking records and topping the major charts. A number of fans expressed their condolences for the late start on this news.