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K-Pop Crackdown In China: What Is The Furture Of K-Pop In China?

China crackdown on K-pop

We are here to shed some light on the recent events which took place and the news which has come in from China as the controversy is taking place at a trending rate.

K-pop has gone up to make its name around the world with delivering some of the biggest songs which contained numerous number of awards and accomplishments such as delivering the songs which were able to make it’s place in the list of major charts and mentioning the fact that the personality named Kris Wu was a hugely known figure as being the Sino-Canadian singer and thus he received a huge amount of recognition and fame at the time but when he got under the suspicion of rape recently this August and the fans came up with a number of plans on the internet regarding mentioning the fact that the singer has to escape the prison and the fans would help them and stand along with them in it. The fans on the other hand also came along with mentioning somewhat similar comments such as that they would stand with the shovel in their hands and shall go on to dig the tunnels in order to rescue him. the bit was no longer that they were taken down and though everything was then taken in the attention of the government and they were looking ahead to take some action in the time. Talking about the fact that the audience in a huge amount of number supports their music idol groups and stars and this shows a sign that the fand are supporting their favorite figures in the negative manner as they are blindly supporting them no matter the fact as what Kris Wu has done but still they have been supporting the star. The authorities and the upper teams will no doubt take action if come across such kind of misbehavior and that such content would be taken down at once if seen.


China action towards the unusual behavior of the fans

One decision which has been taken by the government of China is that there would be a crackdown of K-pop and also mention the fact that this was a big decision which shall go on to change a number of circumstances and also shall lead to a different look. The crackdown on the other hand will put a huge impact on the fandom and also putting out all the negative manner content. Also talking about the fact this action would make the fandom a kind of a boring set which would actually help them to wipe out the negative comments and other suggestions which takes place. The response to this matter has not officially come from the audience as everyone has been looking and observing this stage that is taking place.



Some of the social media giants came forward into talking about in response to the action of China’s government for the fact that they went on to shut the rating list of their idols and music groups.


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