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Megan Fox Spotted On NYC Sidewalk In A Lingerie-Inspired Black Dress With Matching Thigh-High Boots

Megan Fox gives a bold look

We are here to shed some light on the recent look which was served by the known personality Megan Fox recently in New York City.

Megan Fox is a known personality where she has gone up to set her mark in the entertainment industry and the star has gone up to make a number of appearances in some of the blockbuster movies of the period. Talking about the fact that the star is receiving big offers still on the stage at the present moment. The personality on the other hand has stood out not only as an actor but as the icon in fashion and has served looks throughout whenever Megan has gone up to appear in the events or whenever she’s spotted out. The look that the star served recently is been trending out viral because the modern look with a dash of sexy was added and though there lies no question as to why the look was trending. Megan was spotted this Saturday in New York City and though was spotted walking out on the pavement. The dress gave a different look with bold and the dress was no doubt the hottest that she wore. The star wore atop which was a black lace along with the low-cut style and it was designed by the known figure David Koma. The star on the other hand wore somewhat like a dashing skirt which was a matching one in color and also the stocking which was thigh-high which was taken into attention by another major detail of lace which was coming out in the dress giving it more of a sexy look at the overall status. The star went on to put the chic black overcoat out at the overall closure and the coat was also designed by the same designer and thus it was a matching outfit when seen overall. Megan also carried a bag in a charming manner around the streets which was a ‘Gabbi’ bag which is said to be the favorite of celebrity on the overall status.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox gives credit to her boyfriend

The personality on the other hand went on to share her look on the social media giant Instagram which was put along with the caption that she had a meeting at the day and that she chose to wear something professional and subtle.

Megan Fox


The personality on the other hand also gave credit to her boyfriend in the recent interview about the fact that Kelly also gives a strong influence when it comes to the sense of style and whatever he goes on to pick does usually inspire him. She also mentioned that her boyfriend actually picks something different and unique and so to be called ‘insane’ according to her. The fan following that the star has is huge and though there were a number of comments which were actually praising her or were the kind of compliments that were there in the comment section.

Megan Fox

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