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“Tanya Fear” The Doctor Who Actress Is Missing For 3 Days; Says Her Manager

Tanya Fear the British actress who appeared in the Doctor Who series has been missing for a few days now. Her manager confirmed the news. her family and friends all have been looking for her and are all tensed up. As per her manager, she has been since Thursday as her family is stating.

The actress is best known for her role in the Doctor Who series, among the many television dramas she worked in. She is known for her role as Dr. Jade McIntyre in the 2018 episode of Dr. Who.  Her manager, Alex Cole stated that he has talked to her almost a week ago and she was fine. He had talked to her about some work.

Tanya has been moved to Los Angeles two months ago, where she was last seen too. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a stand-up comedy. She was last seen in the LA/Hollywood bowl area. According to the sources, Tanya was living in that same area. When she went missing she has her hair natural, in its afro state. And the writer also mentioned that Tanya has brown eyes and is 5’3″ in height.  The missing report has been filed in the Los Angeles police department as soon as the news of her disappearance get to the family.

Indeed, Bolu Babalola, the famous British best-selling author has posted a tweet on tweeter. She tweeted stating that her friend Tanya Fear has been missing since 9th September 2021. She also shared a photo of Tanya. And requested people to give any information about the actress if they have any. She shared the number on which people can report anything. The number is: (626)-232-8616. She also used the hashtag “FindTanyafear”.

Tanya’s most recent work is in “Spotless”, a Franco-British canal drama. She played the role of Claire Wiseman in the drama. Moreover, she had an active Instagram till 31 August. To date, she has 237 posts on Instagram with 7K followers. In her last post, she was seen as a stand-up comedian. She was performing at the HaHa Comedy Club. It was her first show as a comedian and she enjoyed the mischief as the stand-up comedian.

In her post, she shared three pictures of enjoying her time. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress and her hair was band up. At the back, there was a logo of the HaHa comedy club. She mentioned in the post that she shared the stage with a number of people including Douglas Williams, Denny Love, Malik Bazille, and Chad Mitchell Rodgers.

Her family, friends and the authorities are trying to locate her. They are doing all in their power to find her. Her family is so concerned and is asking for help. The actress is in her mid-30s and her family hadn’t revealed yet if the actress was in any kind of trouble or not. Or if they have doubts about someone. Her family has also made an account @FindTanyaFear in order to get and inform the updates.