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Andrew Garfield, The Amazing Spider-Man Actor Wishes To See A Sinister 6 Spinoff In The Future

Andrew Garfield wishes to see the spin-off movie of Sinister Six

We are here to shed some light on the news which came in recently as the known personality Andrew Garfield wishes to see the Sinister Six Spin-off Movie.

Andrew Garfield gives light on the possibility of the Spin-off

Andrew Garfield is a famous personality where he has gone up to appear in some of the biggest movies at the time where also he went on to be the Spider-Man in Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man and thus it was the rebooted franchise brought by Sony. Andrew stated that he wishes to come across the movie based on Sinister Six and though considering the fact that this movie has never been made. The star went ahead to talk about the fact that the movie could be under planning and thus engaged with the famous and known director Drew Goddard’s where he is already planning to bring six of the elite villains and uniting them up to bring the squad named as Sinister Six which shall consist of all major villains of Spider-Man. The other fact which should be considered at the point is that the end credits which came up in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 back in 2014 showed a glimpse of all the suits lined up which were of all the six main villains of Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield


Garfield stated that he doesn’t have any idea how close they have reached to it but one thing is for sure and that is some meetings are taking place regarding this where he was called and it is somewhat exciting. The star also praised Drew for his work and stated that he himself is a fan in this process and that he has caught up with all of his movies but now where he is in work would be something to see. There were meetings which were held regarding the movie of Sinister Six and though there were some rumors also that they would have the teaser out in 2016 but it didn’t go as planned and they are now looking ahead with it. Talking about the fact that the upcoming movie of Spider-Man which goes by the name No Way Home also have a huge part to deliver in the movie and thus the big surprise that is ahead in the movie is confirmed that all the three Spider-Man shall go on to reprise their role in the upcoming movie where Sinister Six is also featured in the movie as the set of Villains and though Andrew wishes that the Drew goes on to bring the spin-off based on these elite set of villains where he also stated that it would be as cool as everyone expects it to be. Many of the team members have also come forward regarding the update that they would do anything if Drew comes up to tell them in order to help him to bring the Sinister Six Spin-off Movie. For now, everyone’s focus remains on the upcoming No Way Home and what part it would play.

Andrew Garfield

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