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The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Shifts Into New Studio To Compete With The New Late Night Series

Trevor Noah returns with a new studio

We are here to shed some light on the news which came in recently as Trevor Noah came forward with the news that there would be a new show in the era.

Trevor Noah has a big name when it comes to the industry sets as the personality is known throughout because of his consistent hilarious performances he has given and the figure is now looking ahead into giving more of it that the audience love. After a break of total of three months, the personality came forward into stating that there would mark a brand new era of the Daily Show starting from Monday and though the filming which has been taking place is in ViacomCBS and that is in the headquarters of Times Square. The show which went on by the name Daily Show was able to hit some big milestones in time and now that it has finally dropped the pattern of Social Distancing but was able to hold on to the same style which it was played on along with the same hilarious performances and thus the show went on to list itself in the big names and getting the nomination of Emmy and that was during the time period of pandemic and thus the time period since Noah decided to host the show in his apartment and been giving out episodes since then.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah new look

Noah came forward into admitting that this next step for him is huge and though he also stated that he agrees that it feels totally different from the time they left and that he continued to acknowledge the show with the step. Noah on the other hand also stated that he did all he could to host the show from his home but there were problems he kept coming across such as wifi problems and so he hold on into deciding that he would bring a brand new studio where it would be easier for him to work and could give more of his best.

Trevor Noah


The new studio which has come forward is new in both looks and sounds and though it includes the production capabilities in the state of art and though it gives a totally new look at the stage than what the previous Daily Show consisted which was taking place the Hell’s Kitchen district in New York City. Noah sometime before also made a promise to the viewers that he would make a comeback with more of a relaxed look in the show and dropping off some of the very formal looks that he come forward in the previous episodes. Talking about the fact that there was no one present in the form of audience in his new show but so to mention this is just because of the pandemic and that it will grow in some time but anyhow the audience and the viewers have supported this new look of the show.

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