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Camila Alves McConaughey Reveals The Secret To Healthy Marriage With Husband Matthew McConaughey

Camila Alves is a 39-year-old Brazilian and American model. She is a designer as well. She is married to 51-year-old American actor, Matthew McConaughey. They met in 2006. And got married in June 2012, in Austin, Texas. They are together ever since and are one of the most loved couples in the industry.

The couple has three children, two boys, and one girl. The couple is together for 9 years now. Camila talked about how they choose love over everything and keep their relationship intact. She opened up stating that she wished that she had a short answer for this. She added that relationships work and that she always chooses love. A relationship has to go through a lot of ups and downs, and no relationship is perfect. You always have to work on your relationships.

Indeed, she added that when a person works on a relationship it is very important to choose what you are working on and for. And that’s an important question that people should ask themselves. She chooses to love and grow for herself.

Recently, the model has also shared a photo of herself on Instagram. She shared a photo in a bikini, captioning it with a glorious message. She shared the picture in July 2021 in a black bikini top and red bikini bottom. Indeed, she captioned it saying that this is a friendly reminder to love yourself at any stage. Camila said that we women have to go through a lot of changes in our bodies than men do and it’s really important that we women embrace these changes, know what these changes are, and do the best that we can. Indeed, instead of focusing on looks, we women should be focusing on how we can feel the healthiest and strongest. Also, the model asks the women not to be hard on themselves for their looks.

Earlier, in 2020, Matthew also shared his views on his marriage life and on fatherhood. He mentioned on more than one occasion that he always wanted to be a father. And now he has three kids and a beautiful family with Camila.

Moreover, he said that he loves her wife the most. even after 15 years, he still will want her to date, sleep with or wake up next to her. He stated that they both love each other for what they are and they also love each other for who they were even before they met each other. And he added that they get married and pledged to make it work.  They have to work hard on each other sometimes and it’s hard work to keep a relationship. And when it is easy-going they are like the best of friends.

Both are trying their best as a couple and as parents. And they are happy to work on their relationship, that’s all that matters. Their secret to their happy married life is no secret, it’s just pure love and a lot of effort, which every relationship needs. A healthy marriage is all about love, trust, and effort.