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Pitbull Stands In Support Of Saving The Palm Beach International Raceway In Florida

Armando Christian Perez is a 40-year-old American rapper and singer. He is known as Pitbull, professionally. He released his debut album in 2004. His fourth album that he released in 2009, Rebelution was a hit. One of the songs of the album was a hit breakthrough for him which was titled, “I know you want me”. It was peaked at number two that year on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Recently, the rapper has stepped up to save the Palm Beach International Raceway. He added his name to the list of people who are trying to save the Palm Beach International Raceway. Among many other people, Pitbull also wants to transform the track. they want to transform it into a first-class facility where everyone can come and enjoy.

The palm beach international raceway is a motorsports facility that opened up in 1965. It is located in Jupiter, Florida. The facility is now under consideration for demolition. Indeed, it is considered to be turned into a place for distribution and warehouse. It has a 2-Mile road course, mud-racing tracks, 2 miles 10 turn circuit, and a quarter-mile drag strip as well.

Regarding saving the raceway the rapper stated that he thinks it is a true honor to help in this effort. And that this is an amazing opportunity to save and gibe his contributions to save the international raceway. He added that places like these keep the community together, Indeed, it brings culture and creates generational experiences which are priceless. Moreover, he added that they are looking forward to making history by trying to save the palm beach similar like they have done in Music and education.

Danny Sullivan the palm gardens resident and also the former Indy 500 champion is representing a group to save the palm beach raceway. The group has offered $55 million to keep the place as it is. To save the place and let it be a racing facility rather than a warehouse they have offered this large sum of money. Regarding the offer, he stated that this sum of money will boost the local economy of the center and will provide more than 150 year-round jobs as well as seasonal jobs.

Moreover, he added that there will be full-time jobs available. There will be a lot of full-time employees there with people doing work in the interim.  The race away will serve as Florida’s premier destination. It will drive economic drivers to it as there will be race events held in the race away. Indeed, there will be special events including charitable events, entertainment events, and live sessions.

Many people are trying to save the place as it is one of a kind in South Florida. And The music star Pitbull also has now joined the cause. They not only want to save the race-away they want to transform it into a first-class facility. This way the facility will be modern and will attract more people. The famous rapper joining the cause will make an impact as a celebrity is involved now. And that can lead to fulfilling of plans.