Life Is Beautiful Festival: This Is How You Can Enter The Festival In This Pandemic Situation

Life is Beautiful Festival to take place

We are here to shed some light on the news which came in regarding the Life is Beautiful Festival and though what measures are being taken for the step ahead.

Life is Beautiful Festival is a famous festival which has been taking place for several years and that now it is going to make this year in Las Vegas and that putting everything aside, the main focus which comes up right now is about the protocols and measures that should be taken for the Covid19 pandemic. Talking about the fact that Safety is taken in priority first is of the number if audience estimated to be about 170,000 would be present at the time and thought would be moving on to attend the festival and that will take place this weekend and thus mentioning the fact that the festival of three days would be putting up the main guidelines when it is about the pandemic.

Life is Beautiful

The festival which goes by the name Life is Beautiful would take place this Friday and thus the huge hype is building up for the festival whereas whoever is going to attend the festival would have to follow huge protocols set up in the festival such as they would want to show their reports of the vaccination that they had or the other requirement which is needed is to show the negative report proof of Covid19 test so that it is clear that the person could now move forward with having a good time in the festival. The attendees of the festival could also make other procedures of attending the event by showing their card of the vaccination or somewhat a copy of that card or the photo was taken of the card could also work in this whereas the negative test proof also requires the same kind of procedure to work.

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful Covid19 precautions

Alexis Vigil, who is one of the attendees in the event came forward with stating that all the support is coming in from the event and also everyone is thankful because of the protocols that are put in process for the safety priority of the audience and so that everyone could have fun at the time whereas also helping things to come back to normal. He also stated that attending the event at the time along with a huge number of attendees is a big risk at the time and though the people are coming here to have the best time and everyone are aware as to what they are signing up for and the other facts which they have to face is that all the protocols would take place in a wide manner.

Life is Beautiful


The reports came in regarding the news that the final doses of the vaccination must be given before the listed date that is the 3rd of September whereas the test of Covid19 would be taken in a time period of every 72 hours by the attendance in the event.

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