Mooncakes Coming To Mid-Autumn Festival In Oakland With Lights And Celebration

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations are in order

We are here to shed some light on the recent news which came in regarding the Mid-Autumn Festival and some big plans for the festival are in the making.

Mid-Autumn Festival marks this September

The Festival of Mid Autumn has been celebrated for a long time now and though it is basically known for Culture it is put in. Mentioning the fact the Mid Autumn Festival makes its arrival in the period of eight months of the lunar calendar and also on its 15th day and considering the fact that this is Gregorian Calendar and that it’s going to come this year on 21st of September. This day has a different joyful pleasant time as the Asian families of Southeast and East come along into sharing and celebrating this day by also bringing the pastries and the mooncakes which they share together and that is basically the sign of spreading kindness and love whereas the pastries are no doubt as sweet as they ever are and though they are put in a shape of a moon.

Mid-Autumn Festival

The people make their feast in the time and moves forward with sitting down and taking the full delight of the view which is of the lanterns taking off and also sitting along and taking the vibe of calm scenes with admiring together the beautiful image of the moon and admiring that up as that is no doubt considered to be the only time of the year where moon stands out as the brightest. The celebrations come together as the symbol of harvest and of the family where they get along after a long period of time where its main focus lies on the part of the good times of the families which come together in the period.

Mid-Autumn Festival

The news report came in recently that the several communities of Oakland or so known organizations are coming along so that in order to make the festival more of the best kind and also putting efforts in the celebrations for the day. Though also talking about the fact that the health protocols would be considered so that there would be some measures taken for the Covid19 pandemic and also other precautions would be considered whereas Clinton Park would go on to host the festival and though a big hand he would put of effort behind the festival.


The Vietnamese Commerce Chamber in the order was spearheaded this year and came along in partnership with Good Good Eatz which is the support nonprofit and a restaurant and thus it is decided that the festival on the other hand would make a great day such as some of the biggest efforts are put along and whether to talk about the lanterns which will be featured and also some games which will be put along in the celebrations and also a workshop of mooncake making which is for the kids and thus it is clear that the festival is going to be big this year.

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