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New Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall Project Begins, Visuals Released

Black Rock Shooter is an action and fantasy Japanese media franchise. The characters of the series are created and illustrated by Ryohei Fuke. He is also known as Huke. The media franchise consists of original video animation, games, manga series, and television series.

The character was first illustrated by Huke in 2007. The manga series of the franchise was released in 2011, having eight episodes. Later, the manga was adapted into a television series, in 2012. The series was directed by Shinobu Yoshioka and Hiroyuki Imaishi. Indeed, the anime tv series is written by Mari Okada. Order And Sanzigen are the product series for the series. Fuji Tv is the original network of the series.

The series has received positive reviews and has received critical acclaim for its storyline and animation.

Moreover, a new anime series set in the same universe as recently announced. The new anime series is titled “Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall”. Indeed, a visual in order to announce the new anime has also been released. The visual is illustrated by none other than Huke. The new anime is announced on 16 September 2021.

Relating to the new anime illustrator, the creator stated that a new anime installment for real, the news was just as shocking and surprised for him as for the fans. It was a surprising offer. Indeed he added that he is hoping that the fans are waiting for the series to look where the anime is actually heading.

Furthermore, he concluded by saying that he still cannot believe all this (The black rock shooter media franchise) started with just a single illustration.

There is just an announcement about the new anime. There hadn’t been any more details about the new anime. The franchise is going to have a new anime but what this anime will be about. The trailer is not released as well. Indeed, there hasn’t been any news of when the series will be releasing. The series is announced so that means the production is starting. The fans have to wait for the release date of the series. It may also be possible that there will be new characters in the new anime. The storyline would be different of course but it will be set in the same universe.

The story of a Black rock shooter revolves around a black-haired girl. This girl has blazing-burning blue eyes and a canon. This girl is known as Black Rock Shooter. A powerful canon, that is so powerful that it can shoot rapid shots at high speeds. She is in another world where she had to fight a red-eyed opponent. While on earth, Mato enters middle school.

While the Black rock shooter fights with the dead master, Mato dreams of their fight. Towards the end of the anime series, we saw an interesting twist as the black rock shooter transforms into a psychotic girl and is named Insane black rock Shooter. As Mato decided to kill the Insane black rock shooter she finds herself in the blue world, where she is the black rock shooter standing as an opponent to the insane black rock shooter.