Blackpink’s Lisa Sells Half A Million Copies Of ‘Lalisa’ Her First Solo Album

.Lalisa Manobal known as Lisa is a 24-year-old rapper and singer. She is a member of the Blackpink, a South Korean girl group. The singer had recently released her first debut album. She released the single album titled Lalisa in September 2021.

Her first album along with her single of the same name is a hit already. She had marked new milestones by gaining millions of views on iTunes and YouTube. The title of the album given on her own name Lalisa has two singles titled Lalisa and Money.

According to the Hanteo chart, Lisa is the first female to make half a million sales of her album in sites very first week of release and that too being a solo artist. Hanteo Chart is the world’s only real-time music chart. To date, the album has sold over 730,000 copies which instantly make Lisa a hit. Indeed, she is now number one in the initial Chodong sales. With Lisa being the number one, now there are 2 Blackpink members on the list. One on number one and another on number third.

Indeed, The album was released on 10 September 2021. The album sold 330,129 copies on the first day it was released. It was an amazing sale seeing the fact that this is Lisa’s first solo album. Indeed, adding to the celebration for Lisa, Hanteo Chart has announced that they will award Lisa. They will award her a “gold certificate,” indicating “Initial Chodong sales amount” for more than 500,000 copies sales.

Moreover, on the making of the album the singer stated that during the making of the album, she discovered her fondness for rap.  She stated that while she was working on the song she found out that she doesn’t only like melodic rap but she also likes tight rap. She also added that she tried to add a tight rap in the single Money and liked the hip-hop style of it. It spitted out of her with a very strong beat which she liked. She mentioned it as a new swag inside her that was hidden and she didn’t realize it earlier. This is the first time that the fans have listened to a tight rap from her. And she thinks that it’s fun to compare melodic rap and tight rap. She enjoys the work she does.

According to the charts, the Thai singer has broken the record of selling copies of her album on the very first day. The album has 73.6 million views during the first 24 hours of its release. The previous record was by Taylor Swift in 2019. Taylor got 65.2 million views within 24 hours of the release of her song “ME!”.

The album has proved to be a hit for the singer and made her a star. Her hard work had paid off. For her album to be a hit, the singer stated that she wanted to show the fans of Blackpink her confidence in making music. She wanted to prove herself a solo singer. Indeed, she also advised the fans to be always confident in life.

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