Meek Mill Reveals New Album’s Name And Release Date To Fans

Meek Mill returns with a new album

We are here to shed some light on the recent news which came in regarding the latest album of Meek Mill that would be releasing anytime soon.

Meek Mill is one of the big stars and though the star has gone up to deliver some of the big hits in the time where the songs have also gone up to list themselves in the major charts. Meek was now on a break and though it was reported that the star is now looking for making return latest by next month where the reports confirmed that the star would be looking ahead into dropping his new album on October 1 as this is going to be his fifth album recorded in the studio which shall go by the name ‘Expensive Pain’ and that he not only came forward with the announcement but though he also went on to release the cover of the upcoming project.

Meek Mill

Meek Mill on his career

Meek is from Philadelphia and the individual has thus been working on the album for a good period of time and though it was before Thanksgiving when he went on to release the EP of four-track and which went on by the name ‘Quarantine Pack’. Talking about the fact that he recently delivered the song by the name ‘Sharing Locations’ and though he collaborated with big names such as Lil Durk where the famous known Lil Baby was also featured.

Meek Mill

The other thing which is to be mentioned here is that Meek has been consistently working on his career to make the better of it and keeping the profession of music on sideways, the star has was actually featured in HBO Max title Charm City Kings and though it received a good response in the time. The personality on the other hand also went on to cosign a letter to Joe Biden, who is the president, and though calling out for the release to those who were convicted in the case of non-violent offenses of cannabis, and thus this case has been put on hold for a long time.


Talking about the fact that his songs and are getting a good response and also the community efforts he has been putting in is getting a good response so to say and it is safe to say that the release for the new album is arriving at the perfect time. There were some rumors at the start that the star will be collaborating with some big names and though it is yet to see as what more will the personality bring in the industry. The star is set for a good star whereas he also mentioned some time before that he would be looking forward to the tours that would be taking place. The fans are already building the hype on the internet regarding the latest album which is coming up whereas they also went on to wish luck to the star on the comment section.

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