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Loretta Lynn And Friends Benefit Concert Has Raised Nearly $1 Million For Flood Relief

Loretta Lynn raised a huge amount for donations

We are here to shed some light on the recent news which came in regarding Loretta Lynn as the figure went on to raise around $1 million along with Friends Benefit.

Loretta Lynn stands with the victims

Loretta Lynn has held some of the big shows and though has stood out to be a successful one and here we are not talking about just one but that it had been running with consistency at the time period whereas recently Loretta Lynn Friends which went on by the name Hometown Rising took place this recent Monday on 13th of September and that the venue for the show was Opry House and though it came out to be a big success and though coming up to prove as what big affection does the fans and artists keep towards it.

Loretta Lynn

Lynn’s overall business status was perfect and though it was able to earn a total of $1 million and that was kept aside as an aid to the disaster which took place on 21st of August in Humphreys County which left everyone devastated and that though resulted in killing a total of 20 people and though that is because of the severe storms which went on for quite some time and also the flash floods which came up destroying everything at the period and that it would go on as a charity for this situation. The total estimated number of houses which were affected by this chaos was 500 and mentioning the fact that there were 272 houses on the hand which was already destroyed due to this. The total amount of donation which rose at the time is $933,000 and that the total money would go on for the donations of the disaster that made chaos throughout.

Loretta Lynn

The total donation which is collected would directly go to the ones who were caught in this as well as it would also go to the local areas which were also affected due to this. Lynn went on to share or more likely express that it was a great feeling to raise this amount of money just to help those who were heartbroken with all the loss and suffering they went through because of the disaster. Lynn also stated on the other hand that it was just heartbreaking to watch all the pictures which were coming in from the chaos and those scenes were taken into attention. Lynn on the other hand went on to state that the team itself gave their best efforts on the show to bring out the best one and so to raise a good money amount by getting a good response from the audience. She also thanked all the members who came up to perform and gave their best on the stage.


Lynn on the other hand mentioned that it’s our job to help anyone who is out looking for help and thus is helpless and that we should always take a stand when it comes to this.

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