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‘Duck Dynasty’ Fame Sadie Robertson Admitted Her 4-Month-Old In Hospitalized With Respiratory Problems; How Is The Baby Now?

Sadie Robertson is a 24-year-old American actress. She was on the A&E television reality show, Duck Dynasty. The actress married Cristian Huff in November 2019. And they had their first child in May 2021. They named their daughter Honey James Puff.

Recently the actress shared that her daughter is going through some tough times. She had been admitted into a hospital. Honey has some respiratory illness. The four-month-old baby girl is fighting for her life. Indeed, the stress had posted a photo of herself and her baby on Instagram. The photo is of the hospital bed with the baby having the medical lines on her. Robertson captioned the picture with a hearted message. The baby is in hospital for a few days now.

She started the caption by saying that She knows that many people are going through tough times. And that they have been suffering in silence but she would like to open a window. What she mentioned next is so true, really no parent can see their child suffering, and that’s the most heartbreaking thing.

Indeed, the actress mentioned that how the little one’s fighting spirit gives them hope and strength. She stated that seeing her little girl struggling to make her cry and hurt her like she had been never hurt before. And her smile makes her smile in a way she had never smiled before. Moreover, she added that it’s not over yet but they are hoping for better days. And that seeing the doctors and nurses love and care for her child brings joy to that dark room of a hospital.

The actress also wished for the betterment of others who are suffering the same by mentioning a quote from the bible. And also stated that she grieves the moms and dads who are watching their child go. This sentence can me that the baby is very serious and can leave the world even before she sees it. We pray for the better recovery of the little honey. The actress concluded by showing her gratitude towards her family and friends for supporting them.

And ended her caption by saying RSV stink. Which here can mean Respiratory Syncytial Virus, by which the baby has been diagnosed.

Furthermore, this is not the first time that Robertson had to go through tough times for her daughter. While she was pregnant, she tested positive for corona. That was in October 2020, which means Robertson was 1 and a half months pregnant. Obviously, she was worried about the baby, but thank God she recovered.

Later during her delivery, the baby got stuck and could come out. The doctors were trying their best and every second was important. It was a dangerous situation. She stayed stuck for 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Doctors were worried that because of the situation the baby might get hurt badly. After the birth, the doctors checked the baby for any shoulder injuries. Thankful to God, Honey was born fit and without any injuries. Doctors were surprised that she hadn’t had any injuries on her shoulder given the situation.