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Katheryn Hahn To Reprise her Role As Agatha Harkeness In Doctor Strange 2? Read To Know

Kathryn Hahn is a 48-year-old American actress and comedian.  She started her career on television in 2001. Since then, she had played a number of roles on both television and cinema. And for her best works, she had been nominated for a number of awards winning many of them too.

Her recent work was her character as Agatha Harkness in Wanda Vision. The Wanda vision miniseries just hit the entertainment world in 2021. The series based on the Marvel character scarlet witch and vision was a hit. It is a Disney+ production.

The series alone has received 23 Primetime Emmy nominations and is praised all over the world. Along with the series, Kathryn Hahn has received critical acclaim for her work as Agatha in the series.  The actress received the Emmy nomination for the outstanding supporting actress in a limited series or movie.

In a recent interview, the actress was asked if her character Agatha will return to another marvel production. On which the actress stated she don’t have any idea about that till yet. Indeed, she stated that she hope that she will get to play that part somewhere or anywhere.

Marvel media franchise is a pretty big franchise including comics, games, series, and movies. To date, it’s the largest media franchise of all time. Marvel universe is known for its brilliant characters. Marvel Universe has given the fans a number of movies and series this year. And hopefully, they will give us more stories in the future as well.

Adding to her statement, Kathryn mentioned that she is madly in love with her character, Agatha. She loves to play her. And she is with the fans on playing the role again but who knows? And if she had the chance she would definitely come back. She stated that she will be willing to come back.

Well, obviously who knows what marvel production is going to do next? Although there are no plans yet, there could be in the future.

Additionally, the actress-comedian stated that she have a soft spot for Lizzie Olsen. And that she doesn’t know if she will have her anymore. Additionally, for the ending of the series, Hahn said that she liked the rough ending between herself and Wanda Maximoff. She liked that it was rough and intense. And that they would have to lift it up.

Moreover, she told us that according to the writers and creator of the series the finale was the season finale. And they were very clear about it. They all knew that it’s a one-and-done situation from the beginning. And she agrees with them on that. According to her, the finale was so brilliant and as a whole, she is satisfied with how the series was put to an end in season finale.

On the other hand, in an interview, Feige stated that Hahn will return. The Power stealing Salem’s born witch will return despite being left hazed and punished. Her punishment left her brainwashed and in the body of Agnes.