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Fast & Furious Director Justin Lin Confirms Last Chapter Of The Franchise To Be Split Into Two Movies

Fast and Furious will return

We are here to shed some light on the recent news which came in regarding Fast and Furious and the update on the franchise is in talks right now.

Fast and Furious with one chapter and two movies

Fast and Furious is a famous franchise that has been in the run for a number of years and standing out as one of the biggest blockbusters by earning a huge amount of money worldwide. The franchise was able to get its hold on the attention of the audience and that recently the ninth installment of the franchise was out. Justin Lin, who is the director of the movie has gone up to conclude the fact that the franchise would come to an end where one chapter shall proceed ahead with two movies and thus that would mark the end of the Fast and Furious franchise. The 49 years old also went on to state that the upcoming chapter shall follow with two movies at the time and also the same storyline would go on to take place in the upcoming movies.

Fast and Furious

Justin is famous for the big previous five movies he delivered from the franchise and though he also stated that the idea of this one chapter taking part in two movies and though he also stated that the idea is a good one that will actually help the franchise to draw more attention of the audience and fans. The director of the movie is looking forward to ending the franchise in style and also to let the storyline flow in the status of upcoming movie where the question remains unanswered that whether there will be a spin-off movie or not were many reports came in that there will be a spin-off that would be based on the female characters of the franchise but the news is yet to be confirmed whereas now the focus stays upon the upcoming movie and though Justin also stated that it is a right decision to go up with two movies and following one chapter throughout. The director also stated that he is giving a lot of thought when it comes to the movie and how would it make an impact in the best impression.

Fast and Furious

Vin Diesel on the other hand also came forward in the interview that the role of Dominic Toretto has been big for him and that he would never find the role boring when played and though the actor also stated that every good thing comes to an end such as when the person starts to read the book then it always comes to an end.

Fast and Furious


The cast has a lot of good words to mention to the upcoming installment and that everyone would be cooperating with everything that their director will ask. The fans also came across the big update that was given by Justin Lin on the movie and thought they have wise words and praise for the work that would be put in.