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Matthew Strachan Passed Away; Reason Of Death Of The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Theme Composer

Matthew Strachan tragic death

We are here to shed our attention on the tragic news that came up regarding the passing away of Matthew Strachan and how their personality was a big mark in the industry.

Matthew Strachan was a known personality throughout because of the effortless work he provided and thus he is originally known for them he wrote for ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ and has composed a number of themes through the period of time. Matthew on the other hand has also gone up to win awards including the British Music Composer award and that there were such accomplishments on the stage. The star has recently passed away and though the personality was 50 years old.

Matthew Strachan

Strachan was a part of a number of themes and was consistently going through to give more of the work that he was famous for. The personality also went on to give the quiz theme which was then recognized at the international stage and though there were other pieces of music and to mention a total of 95 and thus the pieces of music was then covering any part of eventuality related to the program and also he worked alongside his father named Keith.

Keith came forward on the passing news of Matthew and though stated that the figure would be truly missed and thus was loved by everyone because of the person he was. The reports came in reporting that the personality passed away at a sudden rate in Twickenham where his house was and that was in West London and that was a few weeks ago. There were some reports also that the death would be in part of the investigation but Police and the authorities came forward into stating that the death is not being put under investigation because of the part they did not find it suspicious.

Matthew Strachan

Matthew Strachan death investigation

The Coroner of West London stated the possibilities and thus came forward to find the lead or any possibilities in the investigation and the investigation was then taking place on the 8th of September. Everything is put on hold until and unless they receive any kind of reports of post mortem and so the reports will unveil anything suspicious and then the investigation would continue in the period of time. The authorities and the office of the Coroner are now put on hold to have their hands on the report of toxicology and histology and so the cause of the death could be revealed. The personality was charged at the start of the year and that was one count of arson and thus the news was reported by BBC.

Matthew Strachan


The viewers came up on the internet to pay their respects and tribute to the personality and not only viewers but other famous composers and big names also came forward into paying respect to the personality. It is no doubt that the personality left his mark through the music and talented effort he put in.

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