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See The Sweet Video Shared By Tim McGraw As Birthday Message To Wife Faith Hill

Samuel Timothy McGraw most known as Tim McGraw is an American Actor. He is also a guitarist, country singer, and record producer. The 54-year-old singer is most known for his albums and songs. In 1994, his album Not a moment too soon was the top album of the year.

The actor married Faith Hill in the year 1996. They have three daughters together. Recently, the wife of the actor, Faith hill, who is an established singer herself celebrated her 54th birthday. Her 54th birthday was on 21st September 2021. For her birthday, the actor-singer wished her wife a video message. He posted a video on his Instagram account.

At first, the video shows the video clip of Faith Hills’ song, Breathe. This song was one of the top album songs of the year it was released. It was released in 1999. The birthday message video has written, “Because it’s her birthday on it”.  The video clip of the song Breath reminded the fans of the old times and the beauty of the album. It showed the beautiful singer, looking absolutely graceful.

Indeed, the video is edited and mixed with a birthday message.  And he captioned the post with the words, “I love you baby”. An interview of Tim McGraw which was taken by Diane Sawyer in 2001 appears. In the interview, Diane is asking Tim about his feelings for the song, about how he feels when he sees the video every time it comes. To which Tim replied with a happy face that she is his wife. And every time the video is on he feels like calling to his college buddies to tell them that’s his wife. That he is married to her. He looks very proud of her.

At last, Tim is seen in the present time sitting on his couch and wishing her his love. He mockingly mentioned in the video that Hill has finally caught up to him being 54. Tim turned 54 this year on May 1. The singer, Faith had also posted a birthday message for her husband on Instagram that day with a love message. She shared an old picture of themselves kissing.

Indeed, The actor wished his wife a very happy birthday and stated that even after years of marriage he stills feel the same for her. Moreover, he promised that he would not change anything for the world and that he loves her. The couple would soon celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. They got married in October 1996. This year they will complete 25 years of Marriage. They will be celebrating the occasion with their three daughters, Gracie (24), Mаggie (23) аnd Audrey (19).

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The couple has seen a lot of things in their life. And they get through it together. In an interview, Tim mentioned that he was going through addiction. And when he was getting through tough times with his drinking addiction his wife helped him get over it. She changed his life. He gives us immense credit for helping him over his addiction.