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Daniel Craig Awarded With The Honorary Title Of Royal Navy Commander

Daniel Craig as Commander

We are here to shed some light on the recent news which came in regarding the legendary figure Daniel Craig as he has achieved a high rank.

Daniel Craig is a known personality throughout the world and the figure has gone up to make a big impact in the industry with his role and being part of one of the blockbuster and thus helping the movie to receive accomplishments such as awards and that the movie also got a great response from the audience for the storyline and we’re impressed with the flawless performance that Craig gave in the movie.

Daniel Craig, on the other hand, has currently received a huge title and so to say an honorable one and thus he has been put on the position of Honorary Commander in the known Royal Navy of the country. The announcement came forward by the British Ministry of Defence this recent Thursday and the news, on the other hand, came as an advance of the upcoming movie installment of the franchise which is going to be the latest movie of James Bond and shall go by the name ‘No Time to Die’.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig on the honorary status

The Honorary role of Craig has been given and though to mention the fact that his role actually matches up with the position of his character James Bond.

The Commander position which has been assigned to Craig is no doubt an honorable one and that the position gives a reflection of his own personal support that he holds for the armed forces of the UK as stated by the star.

Sir Tony Radakin came forward with stating that the Royal Navy was more than delighted with the assigned position of Craig and that they gave him a warm welcome on the other hand whereas he also stated that the character of Bond gives a message as it’s the same way that Naval officer does things in the pattern and anything in his grasp to keep Britain safe and though it has been fifteen years since Bond has been coming on to the screen to give a reflection of the Naval officer.

Daniel Craig


The actor also came forward with stating that it is a privilege and honor for him to hold this role and that he would do everything in his sleeve to hold the responsibility and the duties which the Honorary Commander holds. The actor has gone up to appear in the Bond movies for about fifteen years and his fan following on the other is remarkable.

The hype for the movie, on the other hand, is building up and it is talking currently where the upcoming Bond movie is set to arrive and thus the movie was scheduled to get released later this year but actually would see a delay because of the pandemic situation. The movie on the other hand is expected to break records of the previous Bond movies but everyone will get to know once the movie is out.

Daniel Craig

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