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Chris Pratt And Anya Taylor-Joy Team Up To Star In Super Mario Bros. Animated Movie

Super Mario Bros movie

We are here to shed some light on the recent news which came in regarding the movie that is in the making of Super Mario Bros and though the audience is excited to witness what Hollywood treatment it would get.

Super Mario Bros is a worldwide known classic game that broken records and thus went on to write its name in the books with its amazing glory whether to receive the awards on stage or to receive appreciation from the audience, Super Mario Bros went on to holds its big name in the period of time. Now the news came forward that the movie based on Super Mario Bros is set to come out in December of 2022.

The cast for the movie has also been chosen where big names such as Chris Pratt, Seth Rogen, and Jack Black shall be the part of the animated movie which is set to drop next year where Chris Pratt will go on to voice the famous character of Mario and though Taylor-Joy would be behind the character of Princess Peach whereas Seth Rogen would be behind the character of Donkey Kong and though Charlie Day, on the other hand, would be behind the character of Luigi. The other members of the cast also come in and though some of them are Fred Armisen who would lead the character of Cranky Kong. There is also a cameo set in the movie from Charles Martinet, the famous personality who has gone up to voice Mario and also been a part of other big games in the 90s.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros production and more

The producer of the movie is Shigeru Miyamoto and though the personality was the executive of Nintendo along with Chris Meledandri from Illumination where Aaron Horvath along with Michael Jelenic shall be directing the movie and though they previously came along on the animated series project and brought Teen Titans Go and also the movie of the title.

Matthew Fogel shall be the person behind the script of the movie and though he also had a part in Lego Movie 2. This movie is the latest game adaptation movie after Sonic and though the movie will no doubt break records in the time it is yet to see what kind of story will play and whether it would adapt the story of the game. Shigeru also came forward in the interview by stating that the audience would be able to come across some of the unique characters and the ones which have already been a part of the game and thus are the favorites of the audience.

Super Mario Bros


The hype among the fans is building up with all the praise. The fans came across the news and thought they had a lot to discuss and took it on the internet. There have been other movies based on the game but Super Mario Bros would no doubt go on to break records in the time and though the cast is also expected to perform well.

Super Mario Bros

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