Kim Kardashian West Shows Off Personalized Script Hours Before Making Saturday Night Live Debut

Kim Kardashian makes SNL debut

We are here to shed some light on the news which came in recently as Kim Kardashian is all set to make her Saturday Night Live debut.

Kim Kardashian is a famous personality who is known throughout as being one of the highest-paid models and though the star has achieved a lot in her career and thus she has been the big picture when it comes to advertising or the brands which she upholds. There were many rumors sometime before that Kim would be making her Saturday Night Live debut Soon and though this came out to be trending in the time and though the announcement from the authorities finally came forward that the 40-year-old is all set to make her debut on the comedy show as a host.

The preparations have been taking place now as the show is set to take place and thus the audience is getting curious about what Kim has to offer as a host in the Comedy show and thus it would be exciting to witness the performance from the star. Kim shared a number of stories and posts through her social media accounts where she then went on tease the upcoming episode of the show and that was just hours before the actual time of the show.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian having a good time

The star went on to share it on her Instagram as though she gave a glimpse of the script that he went on to write recently this Friday and though the script was titled with the shows name and thus the script could be seen as an official one in work and that is because her name was written there on the bottom too. Kim since then has been updating the audience with her post as she shared the post of donuts which were of the famous Krispy Kreme and though they were put under the caption that the cast was late. The star went on to give a teaser to her fans a day before her debut and though we can say that she is having a good time around whether it is the cast or the team.

Halsey would also go on to make her appearance as the musical guest on the show in its upcoming episode. The upcoming episode is expected to be a big hit but it is yet to see what shall go on once the episode is out and also the performance of Kim.

Kim Kardashian


The hype among the fans has been building up for a long time now as Kim would be looking out in a different manner where she will be cracking out jokes and though the fans are all excited and thus also came up on the internet to wish the star with all the luck for the debut. Kim would be coming forward on the show with the big debut and though if things live up to the expectations, there would be a part 2 for the episode too as reported.

Kim Kardashian


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