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Adele On SNL Hosting; Says She Wishes To Host Saturday Night Live Again

Adele is keen on her return as host to SNL

We are here to bring you the latest news which came in as Adele wishes to appear on Saturday Night Live once again in times to come.

Adele is a popular personality who is known throughout as being the big hit singer and though she gave out ‘Hello’ which stood out as the biggest hit and went on to list herself on the top of major charts. The singer has been consistent in delivering some of the big songs in the time and though has also accomplished a lot in her career.

Adele has also been involved in a number of events and made her appearance in a number of event shows and though the news came in recently that the star wishes to become a host once again on Saturday Night Live. The star went on to appear on the show as the guest presentation back in October for presenting the debut of last year and though it was reported that the star is keen on looking forward to starting over and coming across the show once again.


Adele shares the experience

The star came forward on he Instagram Live and though started to talk about how the experience has been for her at the stage and this is where the star went on to mention how she felt on the show and also she was asked by her fans about living how did she feel or if they went on to enjoy the show or not. The Grammy Award Winner went on to express how special it was for her and though she actually got attached to it somehow and though she also stated that she would definitely go on to host once more if given the opportunity as she actually enjoyed a lot on the show.

The singer is dating a known personality named Rich Paul and thus mentioned that they are looking forward to making the steps together in their lives.


Adele hosted the SNL show last year and though she received a good response on the show by the audience for her epsiode and though this observation could also help and stand out as the fact to bring back Adele one more time. The singer also went on to enjoy the weight loss and also cracking some of the hilarious jokes at the time on her weight and thus left the audience in gags and applaud.


The singer also went on to mention the first experience or the first time she appeared on the SNL live as the musical guest back in 2020 and thus once again went on to crack some of the hilarious jokes where it is clear now that the singer wants herself back as the host one more time. Even the fans are now supporting her and thus putting hashtags to watch the star on the big stage of SNL so the audience could witness her cracking jokes at her best one more time.


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